Understanding Latin in Documents and Archives

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The module will start in Week 7 of the semester.

In the Intermediate Latin module we build on the grammar covered in Basic Latin or on your own previous Latin experience. Exercises include translating full documents and tests of more complex grammar. We also study examples of documents each week which are often or normally written in Latin, looking at the form, common phrases, hints for recognition and translation, and different types of dating. This module aims to build your confidence in Latin translation and document recognition to allow you to locate and translate salient points in the commonest Latin documents found in archives.

  • Intermediate Latin grammar
  • Recognising and translating Latin documents
  • Translating Latin monumental inscriptions
  • Latin dates
  • Hints for navigating Latin documents

Number of credits

10 SCQF credits (5 ECTS credits) on Level 5, SHE M (SCQF 11)

This module runs in Week 7-15 of the Semester


Nicola Mills