Quality and Clinical Governance in Practice module (NB30109)

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Module code


SCQF Level: 9 (Bachelors Degree)

SCQF Credits: 30 (15)

Total student effort: 300 hours

Target audience

Due to the generic nature of clinical governance, this module is suitable for all health professionals, including nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. The module is also suitable for non-clinical staff working in quality-related support roles within a health and social care setting.

Delivery details

This module will be delivered through online distance learning.  Students will access all study materials and discussion boards through the University's virtual learning environment (My Dundee), and whilst the module is running, tutor support is given on an as-required basis through email, discussion boards, telephone and other interactive methods.  This online distance learning delivery mode allows for local, national and international students to undertake the module and to share experiences through discussion and debate.

Module aims

The aims of the module are to enable participants to:

1.  Examine the concept of quality and clinical governance and appraise its impact on the delivery of safe, effective and person-centred care.

2.  Appraise their contribution in driving forward the quality and clinical governance agenda.

Module overview

The module comprises of four units and addresses the following topics:

Introducing Quality and Clinical Governance

  • Drivers for the introduction and continued emphasis on clinical governance
  • Implementing the quality and clinical governance agenda
  • Definitions of quality and clinical governance

Quality and Clinical Governance Elements

  • Exploration of the elements of quality and clinical governance
  • Organisational structures and processes and an examination of the individual role and contribution within the organisation
  • Exploration of national support mechanisms

Approaches to Quality Improvement

  • Exploration of the concepts of quality improvement and quality assurance
  • Improving the quality of our services
  • Monitoring quality
  • Person-centredness as a key theme in quality and clinical governance

Driving Forward the Quality and Clinical Governance Agenda

  • Culture supporting the quality and clinical governance agenda
  • Leadership for quality and governance
  • Challenges, barriers and change management issues

Assessment Strategy

The module assessment is in the form of a 4500 word essay which requires students to identify an improvement which impacts on the delivery of safe, effective and/or person-centred care  and to analyse how it could be successfully implemented in practice

Module Requirements

To undertake this module, students must have access to a computer and internet (preferably broadband) and have basic IT skills

Students should be working within health and social care environments

Module contact

For further information, please contact the School of Health Sciences
Telephone: +44(0)1382 388534
Email: nursing-health-postqualifying@dundee.ac.uk