Person-Centred Approaches to Care module (NB30108)

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Module code


Module code: NB30108
SCQF Level: 9 (Bachelors Degree)
SCQF Credits: 30 (15)
Total student effort: 300 hours

Target audience

This module is suitable for all healthcare professionals

Delivery details

This module will be delivered through online distance learning.  Students will access all study materials and discussion boards through MyDundee, and whilst the module is running, tutor support is given on an as-required basis through email, discussion boards, telephone and other interactive methods.

Module aim

The aim of the module is to enable students to use a research/evidence based model to critique the nature of person-centredness to their own practice.

Module overview

1.  Explore and articulate beliefs and values underlying person-centredness.

2.  Engage in a critical review of the political and organisational factors influencing person-centredness in international and local contexts

3.  Critically appraise current evidence, theories and models which underpin person-centred care.

4.  Critically review how patients articulate their personhood in care settings.

5  Discuss and debate how a person-centred approach can be applied to different contexts and different client groups.

6.  Critically review how professionals care for themselves while delivering person-centred care.

7.  Debate and discuss the potential barriers and challenges to a person-centred practice.


Assessment strategy

Summative assessment will be a 4,500 word assignment.  Students will critically examiner an issue, using key themes from a person-centred model to critique their analysis of how person-centredness was supported or compromised in practice.


Module Requirements

All students undertaking this module must be a healthcare professional in their country of practice. Additionally students must be able to demonstrate that the module topic is relevant to their professional practice context. In addition students must have access to a computer and internet (preferably broadband).

Module contact

For further information, please contact the School of Health Sciences
Telephone: +44(0)1382 388534