Medical Technology Management & Governance module (ME51014)

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This module provides a grounding theory of clinical engineering principles and practice related to medical technology management and governance within the healthcare environment.

You will learn how to develop and achieve a need assessment for prioritisation of medical equipment and technology, based on clinical views, knowledge of core medical equipment, and a literature review of available products from different manufacturers and vendors.

Topics include:


  • Create, evaluate and amend business cases and technical specifications for medical equipment and technologies during the procurement process following hospital policies, procedures and standards to advise multidisciplinary teams on.
  • Apply and analyse acceptance testing on new medical equipment following hospital standards operating procedures (SOP’s).
  • Recognise and identify of the difference between core medical devices in vitro diagnostic laboratory equipment. As well as the process for acquisition, maintenance, service and decommissioning through their respective life cycles.
  • Propose and present advices to clinical teams and realistic solutions to medical technology management and to justify the choices;
  • Competence in writing to accepted academic standards