Legal Frameworks for water resource management module (LW51145)

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Legal Frameworks for Water Resource Management


The aim of this module is to develop a critical understanding of the fundamental legal principles that govern the management of national freshwaters and the factors that influence their application.

Examples of content

  • relevance of fresh water management to global policy agendas, and the role of law.
  • examination of demands made on governance of water resources management by global change.
  • water use rights allocation mechanisms with respect to surface and ground waters around the world.
  • management of pollution control with respect to surface and ground waters from point and diffuse sources.
  • legal aspects of flood management, including disaster response, land use management, interface with broader water management issues, and institutional issues.
  • key factors influencing effectiveness of legal frameworks relating to freshwater and dependent ecosystems.
  • use of case studies.

SCQF credits

20 creditds