Interpretations in Scottish History

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This module will give you an advanced understanding of the major approaches to the history of Scotland from the early modern to the modern period.  The topics covered include:

  • Governing Scotland with and without a Parliament
  • Unearthing Scotland’s Early Modern Environment
  • The Nation’s weather: Hi+B11storical contributions to Climate Research
  • Famine, Poverty and Clearance: a Highland history
  • From town to city – and the networks of society


This module is assessed as follows:

•          Essay (50%): 3,000 words

•          Skills exercise (50%): 3,000 words

Intended learning outcomes

  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of the main trends in the historical literature on Scotland’s past.
  • Ability to understand the key controversies in the historiography of Scottish history.
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of some of the major historical sub-disciplines as applied to Scottish history.
  • Developed historiographical skills.
  • Advanced capacity for critical reasoning.
  • Developed, in depth understanding of complexities of historical analysis.
  • Sophisticated essay writing skills.


Prof Graeme Morton 


This is a seminar-based module, with weekly meetings. These will establish the framework and timetable for a systematic reading of key texts in the area. Students will be expected to discuss their work with other students in a seminar context.