Early American Culture and Society module (HY32018)

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  • Level 3
  • Semester 1
  • 24 places
  • History - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%


This module examines the development of American society in the British North American colonies from their first settlement in 1607 to the era of the American Revolution. The module will focus on exploring the forces which were responsible for the transformation of Europeans into Americans. It will examine some of the most dynamic topics of current American historiography, including: the roles of race, gender and masculinity; the changing nature of the colonial family; patterns of immigration; the role of demography in shaping society; crime and violence; and the formation of provincial elites.


Seminars will provide a backbone for the historical context of the module. They will focus on the core course themes. In seminars students will focus on a number of key articles and readings on early American history and examine how the authors have used particular types of primary sources.

In computing labs students will learn to design their own database and how to undertake basic quantitative analysis of material. These labs will focus on teaching students how to design their own database for use in their own research—possibly in an Independent Study Project—and how to analyse the data of others.


Dr Matthew Ward


Core teaching on this module consists of eleven two-hour seminars and nine one and a half-hour IT Labs. The module will be supported by extensive online material including an online workbook for the database project.


This module is assessed as follows:

  • Two essays (30% each)
  • Weekly online module journal (25%)
  • Presentation (15%)

for session 2019/20 - 

  • Two essays (30% each)
  • Online module blog (40%)


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