American Culture and Society in Context module (HU22001)

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  • Level 2
  • Semester 2
  • Humanities
  • Coursework 100%
  • Thursday evening tutorial available


American culture and politics have a significant influence on the cultures and politics of other nations in the twenty-first century. While many aspects of American culture extol 'the American dream,' Americans have contested what that dream means and to whom it applies. This module seeks to provide students with the historical and cultural context for understanding contemporary issues in American culture, society and politics. The module will:

  • provide students with a context for understanding contemporary issues in American society and culture
  • consider the cultural, social and political forces that have shaped modern American society and politics.
  • introduce students to the different disciplines through which America can be studied.
  • To provide students with key skills for study in Humanities subjects.


The module will be taught through a combination of twice-weekly lectures and weekly discussion-based tutorials. This equates to a total of 33 contact hours. Students will also receive face-to-face feedback on assessed work from their tutors.


This module is assessed as follows: 

  • Journal (50%)
  • Group project (50%)


  • Mary Antin, The Promised Land (Boston, 1912)
  • Stephen Crane, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (New York, 1893)
  • Eric Foner, The Story of American Freedom (New York, 1998)
  • Robert Singh, Governing America (Oxford, 2003)



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