Exploring Old English Texts

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The module will explore the idea of manuscript unity and the way in which the texts found within the four main Anglo-Saxon poetic manuscripts (as well as within a collection of minor Old English poems) inter-relate.

Tutorials will be broken down as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Junius Manuscript I
  3. The Junius Manuscript II
  4. The Vercelli Book I
  5. The Vercelli Book II
  6. The Beowulf Manuscript I
  7. The Beowulf Manuscript II
  8. The Exeter Book I
  9. The Exeter Book II
  10. Anglo-Saxon Minor Poems
  11. Revision


Coursework makes up 100% of the assessment, as follows:

  • one 5,000 word essay (70%);
  • a 2,000 word literature review OR Annotated Bibliography (30%).


Dr Jodi-Anne George