Laboratory and Research Skills 2A

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Semester 1

This module will broaden and strengthen both your practical, laboratory research and generic skills by building on your Level 1 or other previous experience (direct Level 2 entrant students will have an opportunity to learn skills and techniques at the start of Semester 1).

  • an introduction to basic lab techniques and the use of commonly-used lab equipment
  • interpretation of experimental data through use of basic descriptive statistical analyses and graphical ┬árepresentation (using R)
  • introduction of the concepts of osmolarity and tonicity
  • retrieval of sequence information (genetic, cDNA and amino acid) from internet databases and to use this information to perform basic sequence alignments
  • comparison of kinetic and thermodynamic control in protein folding and application of the concept to a series of problems during a work shop session
  • the broad use of antibodies in Biological Sciences
  • use of aseptic techniques through handling of bacteria