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Consider this module if you are unsure about your career options or looking for practical ways to advance your career plans. This module will suit students who enjoy interactive, fun and practical ways of learning.

Why should I choose to take it and what will the module cover?

Many students do not know the type of career path they may want to follow upon graduation, or if they do, they may be unsure about how to pursue it.  This module is designed to help you think about and prepare for the career options available to you as a graduate, along with preparing you for each stage of the recruitment process.

Career Planning Module is delivered by specialist careers tutors.  Content covers topics including:

  • self-awareness – your strengths and areas for development
  • personality and aptitude profiling and individual skills awareness
  • awareness of options with your degree
  • understanding of career options with detailed investigation of a career of your choice
  • how to excel in the recruitment process – CVs, application forms, presentations and interviews

How will I be assessed?

There is no exam as assessment is entirely through coursework.  You will undertake a range of written and practical activities designed to develop your career management skills and be of practical use in the future. You’ll even have the chance to be interviewed by a real employer to help you prepare for graduate interviews.

What have previous students said about the module?

Two 2017/18 Career Planning Module students commented:

“The career planning module is great fun and really informative. If you want a module that’s engaging and helps you right now and in the future, take it. Even if you know what you want to do after your degree it’s useful to find the different pathways to get to where you want to go." 

"My experience in the course was different, encouraging and opened my eyes to the possibilities for my future and how to get there. It’s worth taking." 

What do graduate employers say about the module?

"The Career Planning Module offered by the University of Dundee is very comprehensive and gives the students a great insight to the world of employment – from thinking about their career, their marketable skills and personalities, through to how to prepare for an interview and utilise all of their learning to get the job of their choice.  The teaching staff obviously put a great deal of time and effort into this module as is evident by the caliber of students who attend their Employer Interviews – this should set the University Of Dundee students above the rest and ensure they get jobs of their choice and fulfil their potential. If you know anyone attending the University I would actively encourage them to take this module – it will leverage their potential." - Sandra Fitzsimmons, Learning Operations Manager, SGN.

When does it run?

Semester 1.

Are there any anti-requisites for this module?

Yes.  If you take this module you won’t be able to take AG20001 Career Planning Module Online or AG22037 Internship Module.

How do I sign up?

Just as your Adviser of Studies does with the other modules you choose.  Make sure your Adviser of Studies calls the Careers Service to ensure there are spaces left.  You will then be registered in the normal way.

How can I find out more?

Careers Service staff can provide more information and answer any questions you may have.  Contact the Teaching Team on or 01382 384017.


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