Games Programming module (AC31009)

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Semester: 2


About the Module

The course aims to explore contemporary concepts in games development. A comprehensive individual game project allows you to implement a game on a platform of your choice. The module is assessed entirely by coursework to allow time for full development of your game.

Credit Rating

There are 20 SCQF points available on this module.

Module Timetable

1Game Design
2Hardware and Software
3Moral and Ethical Considerations
4Graphics and Audio
5Event driven programming and games programming
6Design patterns
7Design patterns group work
8Design patterns group work
9Game specific programming
10Security in game programming
11Elevator pitches for game
12Time to work on game

Assessment and Coursework

Coursework counts for 100% of the final module mark.
The final degree exam counts for 0% of the final module mark.


Marking criteria are provided on My Dundee for all assignments so that you know what we are looking for when we are marking your coursework. Please ensure that you refer to these when completing assignments.

TitleWeek GivenWeek DueEffort Expected (hours)Value (%)
Games Concept Pitch142010
Elevator pitch1112010
Create a tutorial684020
Full game development11610050

Reading List

All course material is available on My Dundee. This includes copies of lecture materials, practical exercises, and assignments. The reading list for this module can be accessed from My Dundee and provides recommended materials for completing the module.