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Time Study

In recent years, special monitors that can measure blood pressure throughout the day and the night have been developed. Results from studies using these monitors have suggested that night time blood pressure might be a better measurement of the benefits of blood pressure lowering. In addition, tablets taken at night lower night-time blood pressure more than tablets taken in the morning. The big question is, would night time dosing be better (or worse) than morning dosing in preventing the bad things associated with high blood pressure (such as strokes and heart attacks)?

Visit the Time Study website for more information.

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Get Randomised

The get randomised campaign was designed to raise awareness and to get the general public involved in randomised clinical trials. This is a collaborative project between the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

"Doctors decide how to treat patients based on evidence from clinical trials. Random allocation of different treatments within the context of a research study is the best way to establish robust evidence as to how best to treat patients. "It is our hope that through this campaign the importance of clinical trials becomes better understood by the public, increasing participation and ultimately helping patients to help themselves and future generations to better treatment."

Professor Tom MacDonald

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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts

A collection of videos showing the presentation "The Art of Drug Safety" given by Prof Tom MacDonald at The Royal Society of Arts (Edinburgh) 24/01/2011. An engaging talk about drug safety, risks, benefits and the way forward.

Prof. Tom MacDonald speaking at The Royal Society of Arts, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Monday 24th January 2011. 

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Find out more information on the Royal Scottish Society of Arts website.