Elizabeth's story

I sustained a Spinal Cord Injury during second year of Medical School.

When I was well enough to return to studies, the Clinical and Academic staff within the Medical School assured me that my wheelchair didn’t need to be a barrier to training as a doctor.

We worked together to troubleshoot any potential issues, all the while ensuring that I was attaining the same curriculum outcomes as my peers.

The school staff were always approachable and there was a real willingness to explore flexible solutions to those issues that did crop up from time to time.

Practicing medicine whilst sitting down is different of course, but it brings a unique perspective and connection to patients that otherwise might not be possible.

The open and supportive culture that permeates the Medical School at Dundee always made me feel that this difference was something to be embraced rather than to be embarrassed about; just one of the many reasons I’m proud to have studied at the University of Dundee School of Medicine.

Elizabeth Ferris, Foundation Doctor