Dundee Medical School supports students seeking international experience.

Most clinical staff have benefitted 'in their time' and it is widely recognized that witnessing health care delivery in a contrasting setting is often an important and highly formative learning experience. As part of our Global Health strand we encourage our students to take full advantage of this great opportunity and privilege, we also we also have some capacity for senior clinical students from elsewhere to do their elective in Dundee. It is sensible to allow plenty of time for arrangements - and we advise planning and initiating your elective at least a year in advance.

Responsible electives - in developing countries

Dundee Medical School - partnered with Challenges Worldwide and The Electives Network - is a leader in the development of more ethical placements for those wishing to work in some of the world's poor countries. These 'Responsible Electives' are now available to other UK based students.

Founded by Drs Jon Dowell and Neil Merrylees, the programme focuses on resource-limited countries. This new elective model ensures that learning is done in a safe environment and at the same time challenges students to contribute more than they take from the host.

Prior to departure, Responsible Electives prepares students with online modules and workshops that focus on their readiness, professional conduct, risk management (HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne viruses, tropical diseases, general safety when abroad) as well as cultural sensitivities - plus guidance on how to contribute effectively to the host unit.

By working with long standing partners, such as in Malawi, the hosts are confident that Dundee will recommend capable students, while Responsible Electives knows the students will be adequately supervised on location.

Students are also required to raise a moderate level of funds for their host before departure.

Responsible Electives gives Year 4 medical students the opportunity to embark on an exciting and challenging summer placement where they can grow professionally and personally in the knowledge that they are prepared and will be working with a trusted host - so they can make a meaningful contribution to their chosen local community.