We support students seeking international experience.

Most clinical staff have benefitted 'in their time' and it is widely recognized that witnessing health care delivery in a contrasting setting is often an important and highly formative learning experience. As part of our Global Health strand we encourage our students to take full advantage of the great opportunity and privilege that an elective provides. In their final year, students have an eight week block, in which they are required to complete a minimum of 6 weeks clinical placement with the location and specialty being of their choosing.

Responsible electives

Dundee Medical School is a leader in the development of more ethical placements for those wishing to work in some of the world's poor countries as part of our 'Responsible Electives' scheme. We currently have partner sites in Malawi and Zambia.

The Responsible Elective model gives medical students the opportunity to embark on an exciting and challenging clinical placement, with a trusted host in a low income country, where they can grow professionally and personally. Participating students have the opportunity to undertake an extended elective, allowing them 10 weeks with their host, rather than 6 weeks, and are required to raise a moderate level of funds for the host site. These elements of the programme help ensure that hosts, with limited resources, benefit from providing elective opportunities to our students.