Steven Gellatly

Medical Demonstrator


Dr Steven Gellatly is a medical demonstrator in Reproductive Medicine. He graduated with a First Class honours degree in Cell Biology and Pathology from the University of St Andrews in 2009, and was awarded a PhD in Medicine in 2013 from the University of St Andrews, under the supervision of Dr Gordon Cramb. In the same year, Dr Gellatly was appointed as a Lecturer in Human biology on the International Foundation Programme for Medicine, at the University of St Andrews. He moved to his current position in Dundee in August 2014. Dr Gellatly is principal teacher for the Advanced Laboratory Skills module for the MSc in Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception.


In parallel with his teaching activities, Dr Gellatly pursues research, within in the laboratory of Professor Christopher Barratt, focused on understanding the function of the human gamete (sperm and egg) and identifying the key factors in the normal process of the union of the gametes (in vivo and in vitro) and the subsequent development of human embryos.


Principal teacher of Advanced Laboratory Skills, M.Sc. Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception Dr Gellatly has an active interest in Medical Education and is currently exploring new creative ways to teach Laboratory skills to postgraduate students, including peer learning and small group learning.


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