Roddy McLeod

+44 (0)1382 383317
Senior Clinical Skills Tutor


I support the planning and development of procedural skills training for senior medical undergraduate students at Ninewells, Perth Royal Infirmary and Stracathro. I also teach years 1 and 2 clinical skills within the Clinical Skills Centre at Ninewells Hospital.


Currently undertaking a Professional Doctorate (D. Ed) on student assessment methods.

Lectures and conferences

  • Received “Highly Commended for Excellence in Teaching” Award from the College of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing, University of Dundee. April 11th 2011
  • Attended Ian Barra/Angela Roger Workshop Dalhousie Building - "Advanced Techniques using video to record and analyse observations” 4th May 2011
  • Workshop Presentation 4th International Clinical Skills Conference Prato Italy 22nd May 2011 - “How should we be teaching and assessing procedural clinical skills?”
  • Poster presentation Dundee Medical Education Conference 9th September 2011 - “Evaluating student perceptions of an Acute Care Exercise (ACE)”
  • Received Faculty of Medical Education award (FAME) February 2012.
  • Poster Presentation for ASME Annual Scientific Meeting 2012, 18th – 20th July, The Brighton Centre, Brighton., Utilising Direct Observed Procedural Skills (DOPS) enhanced by video as a learning tool for the acquisition and maintenance of procedural clinical skills
  • Teaching and Assessing Technical Skills Presentation. Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare Symposium. Ninewells Dundee Friday 27thApril 2012


Supporting the planning and developing skills training for medical undergraduate student’s years 2-5 on clinical attachment at Perth Royal Infirmary and Stracathro clinical skills satellite facilities. Teaching in years 1 and 2 clinical skills sessions at Clinical Skills centre at Ninewells. Teaching of history taking and examination skills and procedural skills, including basic clinical hygiene, risk management and communication skills.


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