Pauline Armory

+44 (0)1382 383960
TCTU Portfolio Clinical Trial Manager


Pauline Armory is a clinical trial manager working in the Tayside Clinical Trials Unit. Pauline graduated with Distinction in Nursing Studies from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh in 1992. Over the next 8 years she worked at home and abroad in a wide range of clinical specialities to gain acute and critical care nursing experience. Her first research job, anaesthetics research nurse in 1999, for the University of Nottingham was where Pauline identified her chosen field. Progressing in her career, as senior research nurse at the Tayside Clinical Research Centre and latterly as a clinical trial manager Pauline has worked across all 4 Phases of clinical trials, within NHS, university and clinical trial organisations. She moved to her current position in May 2013.

As a portfolio trial manger, Pauline is responsible for the set-up and day to day running of a number academic lead clinical trials in the UK. In addition, she is a Good Clinical Practice trainer for NHS Scotland and member of the UK Trial Managers Network.


Pauline has an interest in oncology and genetics. In September 2016 she completed an MSc by research: The Impact of Genetic Testing in Women with a Diagnosis and Family History of Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Investigation of Patient Experience

Lectures and conferences

July 2016 MSc Viva Presentation, University of Dundee.

October 2015 BACR: Breast Cancer Bridging Gaps in our knowledge to improve patient outcome Conference – Poster Presentation.

June 2015 University of Dundee, CMDN Student Symposium.


Pauline takes an active role in trial management training for members of the TCTU team.

Since October 2014 Pauline has been an NHS Scotland Good Clinical Practice trainer. In this role she facilitates GCP and research governance training days.

Previously Pauline taught Informed Consent on the NHS Tayside GCP course.


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