Miles Witham

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Clinical Reader in Ageing and Health


Dr Witham graduated from Oxford University and worked in a number of hospitals in the south of England and Australia before moving to Scotland. He undertook his PhD in Dundee running a randomised controlled trial of exercise training for older chronic heart failure patients, before taking up post as Clinical Lecturer in Ageing and Health in 2003.

In October 2007, he commenced an NES / CSO Clinician Scientist award, with a duration of 5 years; he completed clinical training in geriatrics and general medicine in late 2009 before taking up post as Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ageing and Health, becoming Clinical Reader in Ageing and Health in July 2013.

Dr Witham works as an honorary consultant geriatrician with NHS Tayside, contributing to community geriatric medicine services, general older people’s outpatients and helps to run the Dundee Memory Clinic service. He is a member of the Health Services and Population research Committee (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government) and contributes to the Scottish polypharmacy guideline working group.


Pleiotropic interventions to improve the health of older people:

Multimorbidity is the norm in older people, but most interventions are tested in younger people without comorbid disease, who take few other medications. Conducting trials in typical frail older people is therefore critical if we are to build the evidence base we need to treat older people, and this forms a major focus of work in our department. Recent trials have included extensive work on the cardiovascular effects of vitamin D in different populations, the effects of exercise training in older heart failure patients, interventions for muscle weakness in older people, and a large, ongoing trial of bicarbonate for older patients with advanced CKD.

Finding interventions with multiple beneficial effects in older people (e.g. on cardiovascular disease, bone health, sarcopenia) is a key goal – such interventions could circumvent the hazard and inconvenience of polypharmacy –i.e. having to take multiple medications for each illness an older person has. By using routinely collected health, functional and social care data, we aim to find potential candidate interventions that might provide overall benefit to the health and function of older people, and use this observational data as a platform for future trials.


PhD supervision

Roberta Fulton – Adherence to medication in older heart failure patients (CSO Doctoral fellowship, 2014-2017)

Anne Canny – Evidencing the role of social care for people with multi-morbidities – a mixed methods project to understand and successfully analyse linked health and social care data on older people (ESRC / Scottish Government PhD fellowship, 2014-2017)

Gavin Wylie - Improving physical activity levels of older people living in care homes (CSO Doctoral fellowship, 2015-2018)

Lectures and conferences

Vitamin D – is it living up to the hype? (Scottish Society of Physicians, Dundee, Sept 2014)

Frailty and sarcopenia in older patients with advanced heart failure (Heart Failure Society of America, Las Vegas, Sept 2014)

Geriatric Assessment tools for the nephrologist (ERA-EDTA conference, Amsterdam, May 2014)

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular disease. (ECTS annual symposium, Stockholm, May 2012)

Vitamin D – Ray of sunshine or foggy outlook? (RCPE Moving Points in Medicine Symposium, Dundee, Feb 2012)

Broadening horizons: can we use vitamin D to treat cardiovascular disease in older people (part of Vitamin D in the elderly symposium at IAGG 2011 meeting, Bologna, Italy, April 2011)


Editorial regarding unneccessary ward moves in Age and Aging:

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Sodium bicarbonate and chronic kidney disease

Dundee Evening Telegraph: Is baking soda a secret ingredient in medical breakthrough?
Drug Discovery Today: Researchers ask “Can Sodium bicarbonate improve Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease?”


Dr Witham is convenor for the Systems in Practice (SiP) Ageing teaching, including Ageing Week in third year, and also contributes to administering, marking and examining fourth year undergraduate geriatric medicine teaching. He contributes to the Cardiovascular BMSc course, to medical postgraduate and nursing staff teaching, and runs the Tayside StR Research training course for higher specialist medical trainee doctors – a course that he is also now leading for the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He is an associate member of the Higher Education Academy.


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