Megan Crichton

+44 (0)1382 383694
Clinical Research Co-ordinator


Megan Crichton completed a BSc (Hons) Human Biology at the University of Dundee in 2007 with an honours project entitled “In search of a molecular link between ?F508 and inflammation in cystic fibrosis”.

In 2010 she moved from NHS clinical pathology to the Centre of Forensic & Legal Medicine within the University of Dundee as a mortuary and toxicology laboratory technician. During this time she completed a MFM in Forensic Medicine which lead on to her first publication.

In 2013, Megan moved to the Tayside Clinical Research Centre to work with Professor James Chalmers and continue her interest in respiratory medicine. Starting as a clinical research technician she later moved into project coordination with a special interest in bronchiectasis research. Currently Megan coordinates a number of respiratory trials including EMBARC, a pan European network for 200 centres that recently completed recruitment of 10,000 patients and has started studying for a PhD.


Megan’s PhD is focussed on identifying new clinically relevant trial end-points for bronchiectasis. Many clinical trials fail, not because of ineffective drugs, but because trials are poorly designed or are measuring the wrong end-points. Megan is interested in making clinical trials more efficient and more effective which is ultimately good for both patients and the research community.


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