Maggie Bartlett

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Chair of Education in General Practice


Maggie graduated from Sheffield University School of Medicine in 1985. She worked in hospitals in Sheffield and Rotherham and then joined the Chesterfield Vocational training Scheme for General Practice which she completed in 1989. Her early career was as a GP in Shropshire.

She is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Maggie worked at at Keele School of Medicine , becoming deputy Director of Education in General Practice in 2015. While at Keele, she taught on the MA (medical education) programme, teaching all modules of the Certificate in Medical Education and co-leading on two ( theories of learning and curriculum design) and leading a Diploma module on the theoretical perspectives of simulation based education. She co-authored a course on clinical reasoning for year 4 students and led the establishment of whole consultation simulations for final year students. She was the lead academic for a small rural campus in south Shropshire where students spent time on GP placements in local rural practices.

Maggie joined Dundee School of Medicine in October 2017 and continues to practice clinical medicine as a GP in Dundee.


Maggie’s publications have mostly arisen from the work that she has done in the field of education for undergraduate medical students, having been focused on quality and innovation in undergraduate teaching and learning in general practice.

She is currently particularly interested in Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships in which continuity of clinical and learning relationships is the organising principle. Her future research is likely to be focused on this.


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