Jean Ker

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Emeritus Professor


Jean Ker is a Professor in Medical Education at the University of Dundee and is the Director of the Clinical Skills Centre. She founded the Scottish Clinical Skills Network in 2000. As part of the Scottish Clinical Skills Strategy she was appointed in 2007 as Clinical Lead in the development of the Scottish Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network ensuring safe educational standards of skills practice across the healthcare professions. She has had the opportunity to work in medical education and primary care development in Bangladesh, Moldova and Latvia on behalf of the World Health Organisation and British Council. She was awarded the University’s ’Innovations in Teaching‘ prize in 2005 for the design, implementation and evaluation of the inter-professional ward simulation exercise and was Innovative Teacher of the Year in 2008. She introduced patient safety tools to the undergraduate medical curriculum and opportunities for rehearsing teamwork. She has developed the Dow Clinical Simulation Suite to enhance transfer of skills in 2011. She is currently involved in developing a transformational model of health care for chronic diseases in Kuwait. She was awarded a national ASME teaching travelling scholarship in 2011.


Her research interests include identifying under performance using simulation, performance assessment using simulation and access to simulation based education and postgraduate clinical skills education using simulation Masters, PhD and Professional Doctorate projects.

Lectures and conferences

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Jean has developed an integrated clinical skills teaching programme for undergraduate medical education and is currently involved in designing and delivering clinical skills teaching at postgraduate level and for CPD.


Book Chapters

  • 2011: A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers 4e, Chapter 10 - Clinical skills teaching, Ker J
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