Iain Crombie

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My first degree was in Molecular Biology and I have postgraduate degrees in Molecular Biology and in Applied Statistics. My current research interests focuses on reducing alcohol-related harms in high risk groups. This involves developing and testing new interventions and new methods of delivering interventions. These are tailored to specific social groups.

I have previously worked on cancer epidemiology and cardiovascular epidemiology, childhood asthma, chronic pain and the nature of public health policy. I have published over 150 research papers as well as books on public health policy, clinical audit, health services research and critical appraisal.


My current research involves tailoring interventions to specific age, gender and socio-economic groups, utilising mechanisms for intervention delivery that are appropriate to the target group. This involves a collaborative venture involving psychologists, a sociologist, statisticians, an epidemiologist, computer scientists, an addictions expert and graphic designers.

Lectures and conferences

Scottish Alcohol Research Network (SARN) Think Tank Conference, Friday 6th March 2015, Closing Plenary – Extending the Reach of Brief Alcohol Interventions 10th UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting, Nottingham. December 2014. Optimising the design of trials of complex public health interventions European Public Health Conference in Glasgow, December 2014. Changing behaviour in 160 characters


I teach the epidemiology module of the Master of Public Health degree and contribute to the public health and research methods modules.


Publications 2004- present

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