Helen McLeod

+44 (0)1382 388632
Research Assistant/Clinical Research Nurse


A graduate of both University of Abertay and University of Dundee, Helen joined Professor Houston’s team with a strong background in clinical and medical research. A practicing research nurse, Helen continues to work clinically supporting projects within the Image Guided Therapy Research Facility. Her primary research interest is the development of Thiel embalmed human cadavers for cardiovascular applications, such as training of doctors and testing of medical devices. She is responsible for all cadaveric research conducted within the Image Guided Therapy Research Facility, which is collaborative, multi-disciplinary research conducted with University, NHS Tayside and industry partners. This research forms the basis for a part time PhD.


Dr Hadwen Trust – Strategic funding (July 2016)

Thiel Embalmed Human Cadaveric Alternatives to Animal Models for Cardiovascular Device Testing and Training.

Lectures and conferences

LINC 2017

CIRSE 2016


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