Ghulam Nabi

+44 (0)1382 660111
Head of Cancer Research Division/Professor in Surgical Uro-oncology


Clinical academic in urology trained in Surgery and Urology in India, East of Scotland Training Programme in Urology, France and Germany. Previously Clinical Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, Professor Nabi was apponted to Chair in October 2015. Besides heading the academic section of Urology at the University of Dundee, Professor Nabi is lead for prostate cancer Surgery in Tayside and chair of Tayside Urological Cancers Network. He introduced a number of minimally invasive surgical techniques for Tayside including laparoscopic surgery in prostate cancer, single port surgery and cryoablation for renal cancers.


Professor Nabi’s research programme of “early detection and minimally invasive treatment” for urological cancers focuses on:
1. Biomarkers for urological cancers (Genetic and Proteomics)

2. Technology appraisal (evidence synthesis) and basic research in surgical technology in the area of unmet needs.

3. Surgical technology, lasers, Raman spectroscopy, Biophotonics, Elastography and Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS)

4. Long-term cohort studies including use of secondary datasets.


PhD supervision

Ismail El-Mokadem, 'Significance of chromosomal aberration in small renal masses', 2013.

Rafailov Ilya, 'In-vivo validation of laser optical diagnosis system in the detection of urinary bladder cancer', 2013.

Group members

  • Dr. Chunhui Li
  • Dr. Naief Dahran
  • Dr. Charlotte Primeau
  • Mr. Simian Zhu
  • Dr. Catherine Paterson
  • Mr. Scott Palmer


Professor Nabi is lead of undergraduate teaching in Urology. He supervises a student selected surgical module in “urological and surgical cancers”.

He is supervisor for postgraduate teaching in urology besides PhD and MSc students.


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