Evridiki (Evie) Fioratou

+44 (0)1382 383427
Lecturer in Behavioural & Social Science


Dr Fioratou is leading Human Factors teaching in undergraduate medicine.

She received her PhD in Psychology from Lancaster University in 2006. She has since worked as a Research Fellow in Psychology and Human Factors at the Universities of Nottingham, Aberdeen, and Hertfordshire.

Her research has been funded by EPSRC, Scottish Funding Council, British Academy, ESRC, & The Leverhulme Trust.


  • Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology Centre for Healthcare (Funded by EPSRC, University of Nottingham, 2012-2013)
  • Diagnostic fixation errors in cervical cytopathology (Funded by British Academy Small Research Grant, University of Aberdeen, 2010-2011)
  • Anaesthetists' Distributed Situation Awareness during major obstetric haemorrhage cases, Tactical Decision Games as a training tool in anaesthesia, Human factors analysis of difficult airway management (Funded by Scottish Funding Council, University of Aberdeen, 2008-2011)
  • Verbalisation & self-explanation in insight and non-insight problem solving (Funded by ESRC, University of Hertfordshire, 2007-2008)
  • Individual differences in insight and non-insight problem solving (Funded by The Leverhulme Trust, University of Hertfordshire, 2005-2007)


Dr Fioratou is the Medical School Lead in Human Factors Science teaching.

She is currently teaching in MBChB and in BMSc International Health.

She is supervising 4th year MBChB, MPH and MSc projects.


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