Elaine Bannerman



Dr Elaine Bannerman PhD, is a state registered dietitian (Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)) with over 19 years of experience in both clinical and public health nutrition education and research in higher education from the UK and Australia. She undertook her PhD (1993-1997) looking at ‘Identification of poor nutritional status in non-institutionalised individuals >75 years old’ (Awarded Jan 1998, The Open University), stimulating her interests in the nutritional well-being of older adults. Her, post-doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh, (Gastrointestinal Unit, Western General Hospital) went on to look at both nutritional wellbeing and health-related quality of life in gastrostomy-fed patients. In 1999 she moved to Australia, to take up appointment as Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics to Flinders University of South Australia, where in addition to development of her learning and teaching experience and skills, she developed research collaborations which included investigation of the dietary and nutritional management of patients after hip fracture (see publications Stoltz et al 2002; Daniels et al 2003; Miller et al, 2005a & b; Miller et al 2006a & b) and also the prognostic value of nutritional indices through secondary analyses of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing (Crotty et al, 2001; Miller et al 2002; Bannerman et al. 2002).

In 2002 she returned to the UK where she developed a number of nutrition education and training resources for a variety of health-care professionals including nurses and pharmacists (PACE, QMUC Edinburgh). In 2003 she took up appointment as Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Chester where she had responsibility as programme leader for BSc (Hons) Dietetics. In 2007 to 2008, she undertook a number of consultancies including Academic Advisor and Principal Author of a national nutrition education and training resource for the National Care Home Learning Network in Scotland, on behalf of The Scottish Executive. She also was Food and Nutrition Advisor and Principal Author for the ‘National Nutrition and Catering Specification for Food in Hospitals’, The Scottish Government (Published 2008), which was rolled out to inform food service provision in all hospitals across Scotland.

In 2007, Elaine was appointed Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics (Queen Margaret University) promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009, with responsibility as joint programme leader for the BSc (Hons) in Nutrition. Notable achievements during this appointment include development of an institutional case study for Enhancement Themes (2008 - 2011) ‘Graduate attributes for 21st Century’ and for her research being presented as an institutional impact case study for REF 2014 ‘Improving nutritional management of older people and in vulnerable groups.’ Further, during this appointment Elaine was invited on to a number of local and national committee and working groups, including Cross-Parliamentary Group on Coeliac Disease (2009 -2011), Advisor - NHS Health Improvement Scotland Improving Nutritional Care Advisory Group (Sept 2010-July 2011), Lothian AHP Generic Clinical Outcome Measures Working Group (April – July 2012); Lothian NMAHP Clinical Academic Research Scheme (CARC) Steering Group (Jan 2011 – April 2015); Steering Group for procurement of a National Nutrition Database for NHS Hospitals in Scotland (Health Facilities Scotland) (Mar 2009 – Sept 2010).

Elaine joined the University of Dundee Medical School in December 2015.


Elaine’s research interests and expertise are in the assessment, screening and early detection of nutrition-related geriatric conditions (malnutrition, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity) and strategies to optimize diet and food access to optimize health and health-related quality of life, with a particular interest in older adults and individuals with coeliac disease.

Elaine’s current research interests include identifying and assessing sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity and trialling community based diet and lifestyle interventions to improve function, health and health-related quality of life.

Notable achievements include being presented as an institutional impact case study for REF 2014 ‘Improving nutritional management of older people and in vulnerable groups.’ (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh).

Elaine has over 30 peer-reviewed publications and supervised four PhD completions.

PhD supervision

Alghafri T. ‘Physical activity in the management of type 2 diabetes in primary health care, Oman.’ (University of Dundee, Jan 2016 – Current,Co-supervisor)

Rowland J. ‘The impact of a single brief intervention versus multiple contact lifestyle intervention on change in body weight and modifiable cardio vascular risk factors in adults who have undertaken cardiovascular risk screening.’ (University of Dundee,TemporaryCo-supervisor Feb 2016 – Dec 2016,) Awarded 2017.

Theodorakopoulos C. ‘Impact of lifestyle modifications on function and health related quality of life in older individuals with sarcopenic obesity’. (Director of Studies, Sept 2013- June 2015)) QMU, EDINBURGH UK.

Pritchard S. ‘An investigation into the effects of food form and energy density on appetite and satiety in adults.’ (Food fortification and texture modification). (Director of Studies) QMU, EDINBURGH UK Awarded 2014

White S. National database of patients with coeliac disease & factors that affect compliance with a gluten-free diet. (Director of Studies) QMU, EDINBURGH UK. Awarded 2013

Aloud A. Iron-deficiency anaemia in women of child-bearing age. (Director of Studies) QMU, EDINBURGH UK Awarded 2013

Miller MD. An evaluation of an individualized approach to nutrition Support for lower limb fragility fracture. (Co-supervisor) Flinders University of South Australia, AUSTRALIA Awarded 2006

Lectures and conferences

Dr Bannerman’s research (both oral and poster presentations) has been presented at a number of national and international conferences, recently including ESPEN (2016, 2012, 2010), BAPEN (2013, 2010), International Celiac Disease Symposium (ICDS) (2013), Digestive Disorders Federation (2012), The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health Annual Conference (2012), The Nutrition Society (2011), ESPGHAN (2011), IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (2009).

Elaine has been invited to give a number of lectures/ seminars including recently:

  • Colorectal Cancer Study Day, Bowel Cancer UK. ‘Key Public Health Messages for Health Professionals: Lifestyle and Colorectal Cancer Prevention’ Newcastle (Oct 2016).
  • GP Masterclass Bowel Disease & Bowel Cancer, Bowel Cancer UK & Macmillan Cancer Support. ‘Lifestyle and Colorectal Cancer Prevention’ Royal College of Surgeons (Feb 2016) (RCGP Accredited).
  • Royal Edinburgh Hospital, NHS Lothian, Bicentenary lecture series ‘Hospital Food Past and Present’ (April 2013)
  • NHS QIS Improving Nutritional Care Advisory Group Showcase Event (Nov 2010) ‘Volunteers to assist with food and fluid provision’
  • Cross-parliamentary group on Coeliac Disease (2009) ‘Experience of current prescribing system of gluten-free products.’
  • Hospital Caterer’s Association Annual Conference (April 2008) ‘National catering and nutrition policy in hospitals in Scotland’.


Refereed grant and journal articles:

Dr Bannerman has provided peer-review of journal articles submitted for publication for a number of academic journals including Age and Aging, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition, BMC Geriatrics, Gerontology. She has also provided peer-review of grant applications for grant funding bodies including NHMRC Australia.

Professional engagement – external committees:

Dr Bannerman has been an invited member of a number of committees, steering and working groups including: Food in Hospitals - National Catering and Nutritional Specification for Food and Fluid Provision in Hospitals in Scotland Review committee (Sept 2014 – Jun 2015); Lothian AHP Generic Clinical Outcome Measures Working Group (Apr – Jul 2012); Lothian NMAHP Clinical Academic Research Scheme (CARC) Steering Group (Jan 2011 – Apr 2015); Advisor to NHS QIS Improving Nutritional Care – Implementation and Improvement Programme (Sept 2010 – July 2011); Invited member Cross Party Group for Coeliac Disease (Scottish Parliament) (Jan 2009 – June 2011); Steering Group for procurement of a National Nutrition Database for NHS Hospitals in Scotland (Health Facilities Scotland) (Mar 2009 – Sept 2010)

Knowledge exchange activities:

Dr Bannerman has worked with a number of third sector and voluntary groups over the years on a variety of knowledge exchange activities including the Cyrenians, Ormiston Grows, NHS Lothian Public Health, Pilton Community Health Partnership, Coeliac UK , including needs assessments, food mapping, food access, inequalities, disease awareness raising, development of gluten-free cooking skills.

Great British Bake Off: Provided expert input on hospital food of early 1900s and now (Series Episode 3 ’Tarts’ – first screened Aug 2012)

Bannerman, E., Thomas, J., & Miller M. (2012) ‘Nutritional anthropometry for amputees: challenges for clinicians’. In: Preedy PR. (2012) Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical measures of human form in health and Disease. London: Springer Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4419-1787-4. Chapter 171. P.2745.

Scottish Government (2008) Food In Hospitals: National catering and nutrient specification for food and fluid provision in hospitals in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scotland. (Principal author)

Bannerman E. (2007) ‘Report of the targeted consultation of the draft national catering and nutrient specification for food and fluid provision in hospitals in Scotland’. The Scottish Government, Edinburgh: Scotland.

Bannerman E., Thomson M., Molyneux A., Hubbard C., Davidson HIM., Aitken G & Dewar B. (2008) ‘Promoting Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care Provisions for care Home Residents.’ Edinburgh: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. (National Nutrition Education Programme for the Care Home Learning Network)


Elaine has a breadth and depth of experience of learning and teaching in higher education as a lecturer, senior lecturer and also programme leader. Elaine has considerable experience in programme and module development, coordination, delivery and assessment at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including external examiner experience of undergraduate and postgraduate theses within the UK and Australia. She has experience in a wide range of approaches to learning and teaching including student-directed independent learning, cooperative learning groups, case-study and problem-based learning, journal clubs to develop critical appraisal skills, active purposeful observations, personal development planning and reflective practice as-well as traditional lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Elaine is currently involved in the development, delivery and assessment of Nutrition Theme Learning Outcomes (ICGN, 2010) across the MBChB undergraduate curriculum. She is module coordinator for a new Student Selective Component ‘Breast and Infant Feeding’ (2017). She provides student supervision for fourth year e-portfolios and also fourth year research projects (MBChB).

Elaine has extensive experience of post-graduate education including student supervision of both masters and doctoral students. She currently provides dissertation supervision at distance for students on the Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network Postgraduate MSc in Diabetes Care and Education.

Notable achievements include development of an institutional case study for Enhancement Themes (2008 - 2011) ‘Graduate attributes for 21st Century’ (Queen Margaret University), which evaluated the use of volunteering opportunities to enhance academic learning and support students’ professional planning and development of graduate attributes using reflective practice.


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