Deborah Wake

+44 (0)1382 383560
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer


Dr Debbie Wake is a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Physician at University of Dundee/ NHS Tayside (diabetes/ general endocrinology/ osteoporosis). Her research interests include informatics and new technology approaches to patient care, management and education. Further research interests include understanding associations between diabetes and psychiatric disease. Previous research experience is in the area of steroid metabolism in human obesity and diabetes (PhD- 2006) and clinical aspects of diabetes management.

Debbie coordinates the undergraduate teaching in diabetes and endocrinology at the University of Dundee, is programme director for the MSc Quality diabetes care programme and clinical lead for the PG cert/Dip/ MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management, part of the Kuwait Scotland eHealth Innovation Network. She previously developed an online distance learning MSc programme in Internal Medicine (2011) for the University of Edinburgh and Royal College of Physicians.

Debbie also has an active role in public health communication. She is a regular contributor to radio health programming, was previously resident doctor on Scottish Televisions flagship show 'The Hour', and was a health columnist The Scotsman newspaper for many years. She developed and produced the first medical podcast series in the UK (Dr Pods Healthcast) in 2005, and has also produced and presented videos and webstreams for and NES (NHS Education Scotland). She provides clinical support for the innovative mydiabetesmyway patient portal and website - where patients can access their own clinical data and find educational resources on-line

Qualifications: MBChB (Hons), BSC 1st class (Hons), PhD, Diploma Clin Ed, MRCPE


Research Interests Include:

  • Use of informatics by health care professions to improve patient care
  • Patient data access portals and web based technology in patient care, management and education
  • Understanding associations between diabetes and psychiatric disease

PhD supervision

Nicholas Conway (MD)- Informatics and technology as a tool for information delivery to health care professionals (HCPs) and patients.



  • Convener of Phase 2 Endocrinology and Diabetes for Undergraduate Medicine (MBChB)


  • Director of Cert/ Dip/ MSc Quality Diabetes Care
  • Clinical Lead MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management (Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network)


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