Colin Murdoch

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Senior Lecturer



Dr Colin Murdoch obtained his doctorate under the supervision of Prof Ajay Shah through the British Heart Foundation 4-year Ph.D program at the BHF Cardiovascular Centre of Excellence, King’s College London. He investigated the “Influence of endothelial NADPH oxidase on cardiac fibrosis and remodelling in the hypertensive heart.”  utilising murine cardiovascular techniques such as pressure-volume loops, echocardiography and telemetry.

Dr Murdoch conducted post-doctoral training with Richard Cohen and Reiko Matsui at the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute, Boston University investigating redox signalling in neovascularisation in type-2 diabetes. He moved back to the UK and was awarded a highly competitive Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Incoming Fellowship to transfer in vivo cardiovascular phenotyping techniques to Aston Medical School working in Prof Asif Ahmed’s laboratory.

Previously he worked as a functional pharmacologist for 5-years at Asterand Biosceince after gaining his honours degree in Pharmacology with Industrial Experience at University of Edinburgh.

Dr Murdoch joined the faculty at School of Medicine, University of Dundee in March 2018.  His research focuses on the pathophysiological role of redox signalling in cardiovascular disease including preeclampsia and peripheral artery disease.   Dr Murdoch is the project coordinator for EU Horizon2020 Innovative training network, iPLACENTA.  Involving a collaborative training network between 11 institutes across Europe.


Dr Murdoch’s research aims to understand the pathophysiological role of redox signalling in cardiovascular disease, focusing on signalling in the endothelium.  Currently he is investigating how oxidative post-translational modification of thiols contribute to the preeclampsia phenotype. 


Dr Murdoch is the coordinator of iPLACENTA, a €3.9 million Horizon 2020 innovative training network (ITN).   A multi-disciplinary network of 11 European partners delivering post-graduate training for 15 Early stage researchers (ESRs/Ph,D).  The principal research aim of iPLACENTA is to improve the ability to study, model and visualise the placenta to enhance investigation and prognosis of complicated pregnancies such as preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction.   Integrating organ-chip technology and mathematical modelling, with innovation in visualising and assessing placenta health in the clinic and pre-clinical models.   The research will interconnect to unlock the complexity of placental disease, providing mechanistic clues for complex diseases, new ways to model placenta function, validate novel clinical diagnostic tools and characterise in vivo pre-clinical models.   The PhD training programme aims to equip the ESRs with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of cutting-edge translational research alongside topics such as OpenScience, entrepreneurship, project management and business skills.   See



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