Bruce Guthrie

+44 (0)1382 383740
Head of Population Health Sciences Division, Professor of Primary Care Medicine and Honorary Consultant NHS Fife


Professor Guthrie is currently Professor of Primary Care Medicine at the University of Dundee School of Medicine where he leads the Quality, Safety and Informatics Research Group, which conducts applied research to translate basic and clinical research into effective and reliable clinical practice. He was previously a Medical Research Council Health Services Research Fellow at University of Edinburgh, an National Institute for Health Research post-doctoral research fellow at University of Dundee, and a 2006/7 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Healthcare Policy at University of California San Francisco where he was also a Visiting Professor in 2010. His main research interests are the quality and safety of healthcare, particularly in primary care and currently focused on prescribing and the organisation of healthcare. Professor Guthrie is a mixed methods researcher and collaborate with researchers from a wide range of disciplines and institutions. He regularly reviews for various grant-making bodies and journals, contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching, and supervise and examine MSc and PhD students in Dundee and other universities.

As well as conducting research, Professor Guthrie practices clinically in a general practice in Cardenden in NHS Fife, and is a member of a number of National Health Service advisory bodies. In 2014, he was appointed the Scottish Primary Care Research Champion by Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office, and was appointed by NICE to chair the guideline development group for the NICE Clinical Guideline on Multimorbidity.


Chief Investigator

Guthrie B, Morales D, Thompson A, Donnan P, Payne K. Accounting for multimorbidity, competing risk and direct treatment disutility in risk prediction tools and model-based cost-effectiveness analysis for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporotic fracture. NIHR HS&DR Programme Sep 2016 to Aug 2019. £684,393

Guthrie B, Donnan P, Grant S, Mellon N, Dreischulte T. Enhanced Medication Summaries to reduce high-risk prescribing in people with polypharmacy in primary care: a cluster randomised trial. Chief Scientist Office Oct 2015 to Jan 2018. £224,992

Guthrie B, Davey P, Clarkson J, Marwick S. Improvement Science PhD Programme Award. Health Foundation Oct 2013 to Jan 2018. £278,872

Guthrie B, Rees C, Dowell J. UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) Research Data Management. UKCAT Consortium Apr 2017 to Mar 2019. Extension£91,339

Fellowship supervisor or mentor

Hernandez Santiago V, Guthrie B, Davey PG, Marwick CA. A multilevel analysis of the impact of changes in antimicrobial prescribing on antimicrobial resistance. Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Fellowship for Dr Virginia Hernandez Santiago. Jan 2013 to Dec 2017. £232,847

Mills S, Guthrie B, Smith BH, Buchanan D. Use of unscheduled care in the last year of life by people who die from cancer. Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Fellowship for Dr Sarah Mills. Nov 2017 to Oct 2020. £150,000


Marwick C, Hughes C, Francis J, Lorencatto F, Donnan P, Grant S, Guthrie B. Understanding and improving antimicrobial prescribing in care homes: a multidisciplinary approach. ESRC Oct 2017 to Sep 2021. £928,988

Grant S, Mesman J, Guthrie B. Improving the safety of inter-professional collaboration in an Acute Medical Unit: An examination of the feasibility and implementation of video reflexive ethnography in UK healthcare. Tenovus Oct 2017 to Sep 2018. £57,430

Avery A, Elliott R, Rodgers S, Ashcroft D, van Staa T, Peek N, Morales D, Guthrie B, Payne K, Armstrong S, Waring J, Sheikh A, Keers R, Bassi M, Chuter. Avoiding patient harm through the application of prescribing safety indicators in English general practices (acronym: PRoTeCT). NIHR Programme Grant Nov 2016 to May 20120. £2,430,000 (Dundee share ~£100,000).

Cvoro V, Wardlaw J, MacLullich A, Reynish E, Donnan PT, Guthrie B. Associations between brain Computed Tomography (CT) abnormalities and delirium: a study in 3000 older emergency medical patients. Dunhill Medical Trust 2017 to 2020. £185,751

Reynish E, Bowes A, Rutherford A, Donnan PT, Guthrie B.Understanding the outcomes of people with cognitive impairment and/or dementia admitted to the general hospital. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme. Jun 2015 to May 2017. £290,306.

Salisbury C, Hollinghurst S, Mercer S, Bower P, Guthrie B, Brookes S, Heawood A, Rafi I, Mann C, Gjini A. Improving the management of patients with multimorbidity in general practice. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme. Jan 2014 to Jun 2017. £1,890,000.

Renfrew M (CI), Guthrie B (coapplicant) and others. Scottish Improvement Science Research, Development And Knowledge Translation Collaborating Centre (SISCC). Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Funding Council, NHS Health Improvement Scotland, The Health Foundation. June 2014 to May 2019. £3,500,000.

PhD supervision

Mayada Al-Ghamdi. Unscheduled Care in NHS Scotland. Started 2017, ongoing.

Alpana Mair. Patients, carers clinicians and interprofessional roles in medication review and impact on adherence; an ethnographic study across different care settingsStarted 2016, ongoing.

Sean Macbride-Stewart. Measuring and improving primary care prescribing quality and safety using routine data. Started 2014, ongoing.

Xinyu Zhang. Measuring the safety of commonly prescribed drugs. Started 2013, ongoing.

Virginia Hernandez Santiago. A multilevel analysis of the impact of changes in antimicrobial prescribing on antimicrobial resistance. Ongoing.

Daniel Morales. Measuring the risk of ?-blocker and NSAID prescribing in asthma. Completed 2015.

Debbie Baldie. What scope is there to improve the use of patient experience feedback data for quality improvement in primary care? Completed 2016.

Anne Duguid. Managed clinical and care networks (MCNs) and work: an ethnographic study for non-prioritised clinical conditions in NHS Scotland. Completed 2012.

Charis Marwick. Design, implementation and primary evaluation of a complex intervention to improve the management of sepsis in general hospital wards. Completed 2011.

Heather Milne. Linking professional organisations of health care to patients’ perceptions and experiences of chronic illness. A discussion of health services for type 2 diabetes in Scottish primary care. Completed 2010.

Faranak Ansari. Evaluation and management of hospital antibiotic use. Completed 2010.

Group members

  • Dr. Daniel R Morales
  • Dr. Alison Hinds
  • Dr. Kim Stringer
  • Mrs. Marie C Pitkethly
  • Miss Xinyu Zhang
  • Mr. Sean P D MacBride-Stewart
  • Ms. Shona Livingstone

Lectures and conferences

December 2017. Menarini Foundation/European Respiratory Society “Multimorbidity: complexity of patients with multiple chronic diseases”, Rome. NICE Guidelines for multimorbidity. Invited presentation.

November 2017. European Medicines Agency Impact of Pharmacovigilance Information Day, London. Impact of regulatory risk communication on public health outcomes – challenges and opportunities. Invited presentation.

November 2017. North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Conference, Montreal. Applicability of clinical trial evidence to real-world populations: systematic review.

November 2017. European Drug Utilisation Group Annual Conference, Glasgow. Reducing high-risk prescribing and optimising prescribing in people with polypharmacy. Invited presentation.

October 2017. Royal College of General Practitioners Annual Conference, Liverpool. RCGP Research Paper of the Year Winners’ Enclosure: Safer prescribing – a trial of education, informatics and financial incentives. Invited presentation.

October 2017. Royal College of General Practitioners Fulton Lecture, Glasgow. Prescribing safety in a world of multimorbidity. Invited presentation.

June 2017. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Distinguished Scholar Programme. How can we better manage multimorbidity and polypharmacy? Invited Presentation.

June 2017. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Distinguished Scholar Programme. Improving prescribing safety in primary and ambulatory care. Invited Presentation.

March 2017. Academy of Medical Sciences Addressing the Global Challenge of Multimorbidity: Lessons from BRICS countries conference, London. Delivering health services for patients with multimorbidity, an introductory perspective from the UK. Invited presentation.

March 2017. World Kidney Day Conference, Alberta, Canada. Multimorbidity – strategies to improve prescribing in primary care. Invited keynote.

March 2017. City-wide rounds, Alberta, Canada. Multimorbidity – strategies to improve prescribing in primary care. Invited presentation.

February 2017. NHS Scotland Cluster-Quality Leads national meeting, Glasgow. Quality prescribing. Invited presentation.

December 2016. National Patient Safety Conference, Dublin. Improving safety for people with multimorbidity in primary care. Invited keynote.

November 2016. National Institute for Health Research Complex Needs scoping workshop, London. Research recommendations from the NICE multimorbidity guideline. Invited presentation.

October 2016. Royal College of General Practitioners Annual Conference, Harrogate. Whose illness is it anyway? The new NICE guidance on multimorbidity. Invited plenary.

October 2016. Irish Gerontological Society Annual Conference, Killarney. Multimorbidity and NICE Guidelines. Invited keynote.

August 2016. Farr Institute/International Population Data Linkage Network conference, Swansea. Improving primary care prescribing safety using routine data for intervention and evaluation: four trials in 500+ practices. Plenary presentation.

October 2015. Guidelines International Network Conference, Amsterdam. Multimorbidity in guidelines. Invited plenary.

July 2015. Society for Academic Primary Care Conference, Oxford. Multimorbidity: new paradigm of the emperor’s new clothes? Invited keynote.

July 2015. University of Cambridge. Prescribing safety in a world of multimorbidity. Invited seminar.

June 2015. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network Strategy Group, Edinburgh. Multimorbidity in guidelines. Invited presentation.

June 2015. NICE Board Strategy Day, London. Multimorbidity in guidelines. Invited presentation.

June 2015. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network/Health Improvement Scotland, Edinburgh. The challenges of making guidelines in a world of multimorbidity. Invited presentation.

May 2015. NICE Technical Workshop, Manchester. Multimorbidity in guidelines. Invited presentation.

June 2014. DECIDE conference: Better clinical guidelines, better healthcare decisions, Edinburgh. How useful are evidence-based guidelines to primary care? Invited keynote.

October 2013. REPOSI International Seminar on Multimorbidity, Milan. New approaches for clinical trials and guidelines. Invited presentation.

July 2013. Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute Visiting Fellowship. Multiple invited presentations:

· Australian Commission on Safety and Quality and Healthcare, Sydney Australia. Multimorbidity and polypharmacy: emerging challenges in primary care.

· Royal Australian College of General Practitioners workshop, Primary Health Care Research Conference, Sydney Australia. Resourcing practices to manage patients with complex multimorbidity.

· Patient Safety Collaboratives Symposium, Primary Health Care Research Conference, Sydney Australia. The Scottish Patient Safety Programme in Primary Care.

· Multimorbidity Symposium, Primary Health Care Research Conference, Sydney Australia. The rising tide of multimorbidity and polypharmacy.

· University of Melbourne. Use of routinely collected data for research in general practice and primary care.

· Primary Health Care Research Information Service, Flinders University, Adelaide. Allies in research, policy and practice: what can we do about multimorbidity?

· Adelaide University. Multimorbidity and polypharmacy: emerging challenges in primary care.

· Centre for Remote Health, Alice Springs. Multimorbidity and polypharmacy: emerging challenges in primary care.

May 2013. Scottish Government Health Directorates Multimorbidity Workshop. Multimorbidity in Scotland. Invited presentation.

March 2013. University of Zurich. Multimorbidity and polypharmacy in UK primary care: from epidemiology to interventions. Invited presentation.

February 2013. Multimorbidity and the Last Phase of Life conference, Edinburgh. Making guidelines work for people with multimorbidity. Invited presentation.

February 2013. National Institute for Health Research Primary Care Themed call, London. The NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme. Invited presentation.

October 2012. Scottish Government Health Directorates Quality Strategy Effective Delivery Group, Edinburgh. Multimorbidity in Scotland. Invited presentation.

March 2012. Scottish Safety Improvement in Primary Care Programme. Using data to improve reliability of care. Invited presentation.

May 2011. Commonwealth Fund Policy Forum, Washington DC. Improving Patient Safety Across An Entire National Health System: The Scottish Patient Safety Programme and the Safety Improvement in Primary Care Collaborative. Invited presentation.

May 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Washington DC. Improving patient safety in primary care. Invited presentation.

April 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality/Commonwealth Fund/American Academy of Family Practitioners workshop on International Learning on Increasing the Value and Effectiveness of Primary Care. Quality and Safety in UK Primary Care. Invited presentation.


Although research is the focus of my academic activity, I maintain a regular teaching commitment at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I completed the University of Dundee Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education module in 2010 and am an Associate Member of the Higher Education Academy.


  • 4th year project and summer studentship supervision
  • Tutor on various primary care led areas of the undergraduate course


  • 2006-2009 External Examiner, MSc in International Primary Healthcare, University College London
  • 2007 to date, PhD External Examiner on a number of theses in Scotland, England and Eire
  • 1999-date designed and run NHS Education Scotland Continuing Professional Development courses on Evidence Based Medicine, Medicine and the Internet, and Critical Reading and Thinking
  • 1999-2005 designed and ran Evidence Based Medicine and Searching for Information/Knowledge Management teaching for GP Registrar groups in three Scottish Regions



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