Beatrix Elsberger

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Clinical Lecturer in Surgical Oncology


Miss Beatrix Elsberger is a SCREDS Clinical Lecturer in Surgical Oncology at the University of Dundee and Honorary Specialty Registrar (StR8) in General Surgery in Ninewells Hospital, NHS Tayside.

She graduated in Medicine from the University of Regensburg, Germany, in 2000. After her junior doctor years in England and New Zealand she undertook her postgraduate basic surgical training in Edinburgh and specialty registrar training in Dundee. Since her sub-speciality interest is in Breast Surgery she additionally completed a Breast Fellowship in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016/17.

She has been awarded two higher research degrees (MD 2007/PhD 2011) additionally to her FRCSEd Gen in 2016.


Miss Beatrix Elsberger’s main research interests are in clinical and translational research in breast cancer. Her PhD in Molecular Pathology at the University of Glasgow was investigating the role of Src kinase family in breast cancer. By assessing gene and protein expression of Src kinase family members in invasive breast specimens and investigating their clinical significance, a clear relation to disease recurrence and worsening survival was demonstrated using fresh frozen tissue and tissue microarrays in conjunction with in vitro cell line studies. The necessity of identifying correct biomarkers in breast cancer patients, who most likely respond to phase II clinically trialled Src kinase inhibitors, was highlighted during this project.

Alongside her surgical training commitments and teaching activities, Miss Elsberger is continuing with her research interest. She is local PI for the UK and AUS/NZ wide breast surgical trial POSNOC. Collaborating locally with Clinical Genetics, to examine the clinical management of BRCA1/2 and TP53 mutation carriers, and collaborating with Southampton and Liverpool HPB surgeons, to raise profile for meaningful surgical hepatic interventions and better clinical outcome by selecting certain metastatic breast cancer patients, demonstrates the spectrum of her engagement into different areas of breast cancer research.

Miss Elsberger has also research collaboration links with Professor Valerie Brunton at the Cancer Research Centre in Edinburgh. A grant from the Academy of Medical Sciences permitted investigations into matched pre-and post HER2 therapy breast cancer tissue samples, collected and stored under the remit of the Tayside Tissue Bank. This tissue work, looking at certain antibodies/biomarker expressions, supports the understanding of relevant pathways responsible of the development of resistance to HER2 targeted therapies in breast cancer.

Lectures and conferences


Feb 2014: College Research Symposium (University of Dundee), Crieff, Scotland

Nov 2013: Scottish National Breast Cancer Trials Meeting, Edinburgh

Nov 2013: Markers in Cancer, Brussels, Belgium

May 2013: Annual Associations of Breast Surgeons Conference, Manchester

May 2013: IMPAKT Translational breast cancer research conference, Brussels, Belgium

Feb 2013: College Research Symposium (University of Dundee), Crieff, Scotland

May 2010: ASGBI Conference, Liverpool

Dec 2009: San Antonio Breast Cancer Research Symposium, Texas, USA

Nov 2009: BASO/ABS and Cancer Genetics Group Joint Scientific Conference, London

Oct 2009: NCRI conference, Birmingham,

Sept 2009: ECCO 15/ESMO 34 Conference, Berlin, Germany

Sept 2009: European Conference of Pathology, Florence, Italy

Dec 2008: San Antonio Breast Cancer Research Symposium, Texas, USA


Jan 2014: Cell-free DNA workshop, NCRI, Manchester

Jan 2014: Experimental Cancer Medicines Centres Junior Investigator Network Group Workshop: Early phase in Clinical and Translational Trials, ECMC, Birmingham

Nov 2013: Markers in Cancer; Diagnostic Development Tutorial, EORTC/ASCO/NCI, Brussels, Belgium

Oct 2013: Development of postgraduate supervisors, University of Dundee

June 2013: Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, ECCO/ESSO/AACR/EORTC, Flims, Switzerland

May 2013: New Technical Advances in Translational Breast Cancer Research, ESMO, Brussels, Belgium

Feb 2013: Setting Research Objectives and Managing Research Projects, University of Dundee

Jan 2012: Good Clinical Practice training course- TASC Centre, NHS Tayside


2013- present: Breast Cancer and Breast Examination module 3rd year MBChB students (University of Dundee)

2013-2014: Honorary Clinical Tutor, University of Edinburgh: MSc supervisor (ESSQ breast surgery project)

2009-2013: Honorary Clinical Teacher; University of Glasgow: Lecturing BN students (University of Glasgow; Human Disease and Pathology Course) and BSc Students (University of Glasgow), in Cancer Studies, Cardiovascular Studies.

2008-2010: BSc student supervisor (undergraduate BmedScience course, University of Glasgow)

2008- present: ESSQ (Edinburgh Surgical Science Qualification) eTutor;

2007- present: Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Instructor (RCSEd)- 2 courses per year


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