Audrey Gregory

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Senior Clinical Skills Tutor


Audrey is a Senior Clinical Skills Tutor at the School of Medicine. She completed her undergraduate Nursing degree in 1996 gaining a BSc (Hons) from the University of Abertay. Following a range of clinical experience Audrey completed a PG Diploma and SPQ in Care of the Critically Ill Adult in 2002 at Glasgow University. After 8 years working in ICU Audrey became a Nurse Practitioner within the Hospital at Night team at Ninewells hospital. In 2010 Audrey moved to her current post at the School of Medicine during which she has achieved a PGCert THE and more recently a MEd.

Audrey is currently the clinical skills lead for the development and delivery of Principles of Safe medical practice, introducing year 1 medical undergraduates to a range of technical and non- technical skills. With a focus on patient safety this has developed in recent years to include clinical human factors and recognition of clinical deterioration. She is also involved with the delivery of clinical skills teaching in years 2-5 of undergraduate medical training. Current developments include working in partnership with the school of nursing and microbiology to develop infection control sessions in IPE and collaborating with colleagues within the school of medicine to develop closer links between physiology and its clinical application in patient assessment.


I have recently completed a Master’s degree in Education, MEd in Leading Learning and Teaching. My dissertation for this qualification was entitled - Is Supported Clinical Skills an effective bridge between theory and practice of venepuncture and cannulation for undergraduate medical students? This was an evaluation of a new teaching strategy that I had developed and delivered to support undergraduate medical students develop their skills in venepuncture and peripheral venous cannulation.

Lectures and conferences

Gregory, A. (2017) Supported Clinical Skills (Bridging the gap in procedural skills training). Poster Presentation at the 7th International Clinical Skills Conference.

Sloan, J. & Gregory, A. (2017) Using simulation to teach undergraduate medical students to recognise clinical learning situations – AMUSE: Acute Medical Unit Simulation exercise. Oral presentation at the 7th International Clinical Skills Conference.

Gregory, A. & Hogg, G. (2014) Early Introduction to Human factors. Oral presentation at Scottish Clinical Skills Network & Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, Scottish Symposium.

Gregory, A., Hogg, G., Christie, P. & Ker. J. (2013) Situational Awareness - Teaching Year 1 Medical Students To Understand The ‘Bigger Picture’ In The Prevention Of Adverse Events. Poster presented at The higher Education Academy Health and Social Care Conference.


My primary teaching role is with undergraduate medical students in year 1-5 of their training. This includes teaching history taking, clinical and procedural skills. This takes the form of small group work, simulation exercises and tutorials.

I have also been involved in the development and delivery of a National postgraduate pharmacy course which taught independent prescribing pharmacists skills of clinical assessment. In addition to this I am the joint lead for a module for independent prescribing pharmacists entitled Advanced Respiratory and Cardiovascular Assessment. Still working with postgraduate pharmacist I have recently been involved in both development and delivery of a bespoke 2 day course on patient assessment which took place in Shetland.

As a result of my masters studies I continue to deliver Supported Skills. This is an opportunity for senior medical students to gain teaching, support and feedback within the clinical area on their practice of venepuncture and peripheral venous cannulation.