Annie Anderson

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Professor of Public Health Nutrition


Professor Annie S Anderson BSc RD PhD FRCP is a Public Health Nutritionist and dietitian. After two years clinical practice she has largely pursued a research career in Public Health Nutrition at the Universities of Cambridge, Aberdeen, Glasgow and the MRC Medical Sociology Unit. Her training spans biological aspects of nutrition as well as behavioural, social and cultural dimensions. In 1996 she was appointed to a professorial position in the University of Dundee and is currently Director of The Centre for Public Health Nutrition Research and Co-director of The Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening. Her main research interests focus on designing, implementing and evaluating theory based, behaviourally focused lifestyle (population and individual) interventions aimed at chronic disease risk reduction with a special interest in lifestyle related cancer (see also


My main interests lie in understanding factors that influence the promotion of lifestyle change (principally diet and obesity) and the impact of theory based, behaviourally focused dietary and obesity interventions (policy, practice and individual) in relation to disease risk reduction. Since 1994 I have attained 86 grants, (41 of which has been as principal investigator). Funding sources have included MRC, ESRC, BBSRC, CRUK, WCRF, Scottish Government, Department of Health England, the UK Food Standards Agency and NIHR.

Current Research

Anderson AS, Treweek S, Mutrie N, Craigie A, O’Carroll R, Stead M, Macaskill EJ, Neilson A, McAdam C, Sataar N. A randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention (ActWell) in women attending NHS breast screening clinics. Scottish Government 1/1/17 to 30/12/19

Sinclair J, Copson E, McCann M, Barker M, Kaner E, Baird J, Anderson AS. Exploring the Teachable Moment for Alcohol Reduction in Breast Clinics: Formative Work to Inform Intervention Design, Development, Process Evaluation. MRC 01/11/16 to 30/04/18

Anderson AS. A pragmatic evaluation of the delivery and acceptability of the NHS Tayside weight management service during and after pregnancy. NHS Tayside 1/5/16 to 28/2/17

Stead M, Anderson AS, Eadie D, Sparks L, MacGregor A. Adams J. Healthy Retail Standard Evaluation NHS Health Scotland Public Health Sciences 31/3/16 to 26/2/18

Mckinley M, Young I, Woodside J, Holmes V, Cardwell C, Anderson AS, McIntosh E, Hoddinut P, Dombrowski S Free C A woman-centred, tailored SMS-delivered multi-component intervention for weight loss and maintenance of weight loss in the postpartum period: intervention adaptation and pilot RCT 1/1/16 – 31/8/18 NIHR

Steele RJC, Anderson AS, Fraser C, Mowat C, Strachan J. Stratifying Risk of Colorectal Disease in Order to Direct the Use of Colonoscopy in Symptomatic Patients. 01/07/15 – 30/06/17 Chief Scientist Office

Gray C, Hunt K, Wyke S, Mutrie N, Bunn C, Maclean A, McGowan C Anderson AS. Long term weight loss trajectories in participants in a randomised controlled trial of a weight management and healthy lifestyle programme for men delivered through professional football clubs: the Football Fans in Training follow up 1/1/15- 29/6 /16 NIHR

Anderson AS Steele RJC Mowatt C Lifestyle in patients at increased risk of colorectal cancer 1/10/14 – 30/09/16 Surgical Endowment Funds

Anderson AS Steele RJC Wells M, Campbell A, O’Carrol R, Munro AM, Rodgers J, Stead M Chief Scientist Office. TreatWELL – a feasibility study to assess the delivery of a lifestyle intervention for colorectal cancer patients undergoing potentially curative treatment. 1/12/13 to 30/06/15

Wyke S, Gray C, Hunt K, McConnachie A, Gill J, Sattar N, Chalmers M, Treweek S, Mutrie N, Anderson AS. European Fans in Training (EuroFIT): Social Innovation to improve physical activity and sedentary behaviour through elite European Football Clubs. EU FP6. (01/11/2013 – 30/10/2018)

Anderson AS, Steele RJC, Berg J, Reis M, Dunlop J, Stead M, O’Carroll R. Dundee Cancer Development Fund. Reducing lifestyle associated cancer risk in people attending family history clinics (01/07/2013 – 30/08/2014)

Wrieden WL, Anderson AS, Barton KL, Craigie AM, Armstrong J, Sherriff A. Estimation of food and nutrients intakes in Scotland using data from the Living Costs and Food Survey. Food Standards Agency Scotland. (1/11/09 to 30/9/17)

Anderson AS, Dobson H, Mutrie N, O’Carroll R, Thompson A, Trweek S, Wyke S, Donnan P, Kirk A Working together to support active living and well being (ActWell) in the health promoting health service - feasibility trial to reduce breast cancer risk factors. Chief Scientist Office (1/12/12 – 31/04/14)

Wyke S, Hunt K (co-PIs), Gray C, Anderson A, Mutrie N, Treweek S, Donnan P, White A, Fenwick E, Leishman J, MacPhee S. Football Fans in Training (FFIT): a randomized controlled trial of a gender-sensitive weight loss and healthy living programme delivered to men aged 35-65 by Scottish Premier League football clubs. NIHR Public Health Research Programme: (01/06/2011 - 31/12/2013)

Anderson AS, Steele RJC, Belch JJf, Daly F, Kirk A, Ludbrook A, Rodger J, Stead M, Thompson J, Trewick S, Wardle J The impact of a Body weight and Physical Activity weight loss intervention (BeWEL)initiated through a national colorectal cancer screening programme MRC (1/01/10 to 31/12/12)

Obesity and lifestyle interventions in colorectal cancer survivors – how well are clinicians prepared? Anderson AS, Wells M, Steele RJC. CRUK, (01/10/08 to 30/09/09)

Wyke S, Hunt K, Anderson AS Response to being informed of weight status and body fat composition. Understandings, reactions and motivation to achieve a healthy weight. CRUK, (01/09/08 to 30/08/09)

Group members

  • Dr. Angela M Craigie
  • Dr. Maureen A Macleod
  • Dr. Stephen Caswell
  • Mrs. Jill Hampton
  • Ms. Catherine M Savage
  • Miss Katie Lindsay

Lectures and conferences

In recent years, I have given a number of prestigious national and international lectures including invited plenary/significant presentations at:

  • Plenary, Australian Nutrition Society, Melbourne (2016)
  • DEDIPAC Symposium Bonn, Germany (2016)
  • Association of Coloproctology of GB and Ireland, Edinburgh (2016)
  • European Cancer Leagues, European Code Against Cancer, Brussels (2016)
  • European Conference on breast cancer, Amsterdam (2016)
  • NCRI National Cancer Conference, Liverpool (2015)
  • European Cancer Congress, Vienna (2015)
  • Irish Cancer Society, Dublin (2015)
  • BAPEN (Scotland), Stirling (2015)
  • Joint meeting of College of Surgeons of Australia and Edinburgh, Perth Australia (2015)
  • Lancet organised Public Health Science symposium, European Public Health conference, Glasgow (2014)
  • World Cancer Congress, Melbourne, Australia (2014)
  • European Congress on Cancer Nursing Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
  • International Surgical Conference, Oman (2013)
  • Qulturum, Jönköping, Sweden (2012)
  • 7th Annual NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool (2011)
  • International Society of Behaviour, Nutrition and Physical Activity in Melbourne (2011)
  • European Gastro-Enterology Foundation, Barcelona (2010)
  • College of Surgeons of Hong Kong (2010)
  • UK Society for Behavioural Medicine, Southampton
  • UNESCO, Paris (2009)
  • Legga Italiana Per La Lotta contro I Tumori (Italian Cancer League), Rome
  • WCRF Report launch Conference (London, 2007)
  • The Instituto Nacional de Salud Pùblica, Centro de Investigaciones en Nutriciòn y Salud, Cuernavaca, Mexico (2007)
  • The UICC World Cancer Congress in Washington (2006)
  • Dietitians Conference of Australia (Perth, Western Australia 2005)

Invited academic seminars (UK) include University of Cambridge (2013), Queens University Belfast (2012), University of St Andrews (2012), University of Bristol (2011), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (2010).


Current and Recent Advisory positions: Policy (ministerial appointments)

  • Member 2015 – current Health Promoting Health Service (on behalf of SCPN) Scottish Government
  • Member 2001-2011 Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, SACN (advisory committee for all UK CMO’s)
  • Member 2003 – Current SACN Subgroup on Child and Maternal Nutrition
  • Workstream Lead on Health and sustainability for Scottish Government National Food and Drink policy (2008-2011)

Advisory positions: Research /Advisory

  • Member 2015- current Scottish Government – Review of Infant feeding survey
  • Member 2014 – current NICE Healthy Start Expert Reference Group
  • Member 2014 – current Scottish Public Health Obesity Special Interest Group (SPHOSIG)
  • Member 2013-2104 European Code Against Cancer update IARC (Lyon)
  • Chair 2012-( Deputy Chair, 2010 -2011, Member, 2004-2011) MRC Scientific Committee of National Prevention Research Initiative
  • Member, 2013 Scottish Government Maternal Nutrition Intervention Working Group
  • Chair, 2012 Population Health services research Committee – Research Awards HRB (Ireland)
  • Member 2012- Chief Scientist Office Health services Research and Population Health Committee
  • Expert advisor, 2010- 2011 Food Research Committee (REERAD, Scottish Government),
  • Expert advisor, 2009, Food Standards Agency (UK) Research review panel
  • Co-opted member, 2010 NICE Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee
  • Member, 2006-2008 Programme Guidance Development Group NICE Maternal and Child Nutrition

Current and Recent Advisory positions: Voluntary sector

  • Director, Scottish Cancer Prevention Network, 2009 – present
  • Member, Board of Directors, Scottish Cancer Foundation, 2006 – present
  • Member, Advisory Board, Bowel Cancer UK, 2006 - present
  • Member, Scottish Advisory Panel, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, 2011 - present
  • Observer (On behalf of UICC), WCRF/AICR Review Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the prevention of Cancer, 2005-2009

Awards and Markers of Esteem

My contribution to the public health nutrition community was recognised in 2003 when I was awarded The Caroline Walker Trust Award for Public Health Nutrition.

In 2007 I was awarded a Healthway Fellowship in Perth WA (Visiting Professor at Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control) to explore obesity prevention research and practice.

In 2013 (with Professor Bob Steele) I was awarded the Ian Stevenson Award for Excellence with Public Engagement with Research for my work on The Scottish Cancer Prevention Network.

In 2013 I was elected as a Fellow Royal college of Physicians FRCP (Edinburgh).

I have refereed grants applications from a range of research funding agencies including the MRC, ESRC and BBSRC, CRUK and Health Services Research Committee (Hong Kong), Anti-Cancer Council (Victoria, Australia) and Danish Council for Strategic Research, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, World Cancer Research Fund, NHMRC (Australia) and HRB (Ireland).


I am the BDA representative on the Academy of Medical Sciences Inter-Collegiate group on Nutrition(ICGN) working on designing and delivering nutrition teaching to medical undergraduates and in post graduate training. Within the Ninewells Medical school I assist in the delivery of a number of SSC’s and undergraduate teaching in GI system, Public Health and Reproductive Health. I also supervise ACT funded staff to match University of Dundee MBChB curriculum with the ICGN curriculum.


Selected Recent publications (2014 -) please see DISCOVERY profile for full list

  • Anderson AS, Craigie A, Caswell S, Treweek S, Stead M, Macleod M, Daly F, Belch J, Rodger J, Kirk A, Ludbrook A, Rauchhaus P, Norwood P, Thompson J, Wardle J, Steele RJC (2014) The impact of a body weight and Physical Activity weight loss intervention (BeWEL) initiated through a national colorectal cancer screening programme. BMJ;348:g1823
  • Hunt K, Wyke S, Gray CM, Anderson AS, Brady A, Bunn C, Donnan PT, Fenwick E, Grieve E, Leishman J, Miller MA, Mutrie N, Rauchhaus P, White A, Treweek S (2014) Football Fans in Training (FFIT): a pragmatic randomized controlled trial and cost effectiveness analysis of a gender-sensitised weight loss and healthy living programme delivered to overweight and obese men aged 35-65 by Scottish Premier League (SPL) football clubs. Lancet. 2014;383(9924): 1211-21
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