Angela Craigie

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Lecturer in cancer prevention


Dr Craigie is a Lecturer in Cancer Prevention at the Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening (CRiPS) and Centre of Public Health Nutrition Research (CPHNR). She joined the University of Dundee in 2004 having recently completing her PhD at the University of Newcastle. Since joining the CPHNR she worked as a Research Nutritionist, Study coordinator and Trial Manager over several behavioural intervention studies targeting modifications in dietary intake and physical activity at various stages throughout the lifespan.

Since her appointment to Lecturer in 2010 she has maintained her involvement in on-going research within CRiPS and the CPHNR, including MSc and PhD student supervision, and is continuing to build up her undergraduate and postgraduate teaching profile. Her current teaching across CMDN is within the MBChB medical curriculum, the BDS dental curriculum, the Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network’s Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma / MSc in Diabetes Care and Education, and distance learning teaching for the School of Nursing’s ‘Challenges of diabetes mellitus’ module and MSc in Global Health and Wellbeing. She also contributes to the College of Life Science’s BSc in Sports Biomedicine and ‘Active Living’ module.


Dr Craigie’s research interests lie mainly in behaviour change interventions targeting diet, physical activity and obesity across the life course, for the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases. Prior to her appointment as Lecturer in 2010 she worked for 6 years as a Research Nutritionist and later as a Trial Manager on several studies predominantly developing and testing lifestyle and weight management interventions in high risk target groups. Prior to her appointment at the University of Dundee, she had completed her PhD examining the tracking of (and influences on) diet and body size between adolescence to adulthood.

PhD supervision

Dr Thamra Al-Ghafri, May 2014 to date, part-time. Project: Increasing physical activity among Omani adult patients with type 2 diabetes attending primary health care facilities, Muscat, Oman.

Janice Rowland, Oct 2010 to date, part-time. Project: the impact of a brief versus multiple contact lifestyle intervention on initiation and maintenance of lifestyle change, body weight and cardio-vascular risk factors in participants who have undertaken cardio-vascular risk screening.

Lectures and conferences

As well as contributing to and hosting internal seminar programmes within the MRI, Dr Craigie has presented at a number of national and international conferences. She has also been actively involved in the coordination of regional conferences and symposiums.

  • Health in a Changing Scotland, Faculty of Public Health conference, Aviemore, 2014
  • UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting, Oxford, 2013
  • Quality, Public Health and Scotland, Aviemore, 2011
  • Centre for Research in Cancer Prevention and Screening (CRiPS) mini symposium, 2011
  • The Nutrition Society Annual Meetings, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 & 2008, 2010, 2011
  • ISBNPA Annual Conference, Minneapolis, 2010
  • Retailing, Food & Health Inequalities, Uni of Dundee, FSA & Scottish Government – Organiser, 2008
  • Scottish Society for Experimental Medicine, 2008
  • Cancer Prevention - Evidence to Action: Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity. Uni of Dundee and Scottish Cancer Foundation – Organiser, 2008
  • The Art and Science of Obesity. Uni. of Dundee & ASO – Organiser, 2008
  • ISBNPA 6th Annual Conference, Oslo, 2007
  • Obesity Solutions, Uni. of Dundee and NHS Tayside – Organiser, 2007
  • Obesity Research Group Symposium, Uni. of Dundee – Organiser, 2007
  • European Congress on Obesity, Helsinki, 2003
  • Young Scientist Colloquium, British Nutrition Foundation, 2003
  • 2nd and 3rd Nutrition and Health Conferences, 2001, 2002


Dr Craigie delivers face to face nutrition teaching on the year 1-3 undergraduate medical and dental curricula via student selected components (MBChB), workshops (MBChB), tutorials (MBChB) and lectures (MBChB and BDS). She has also contributed to the School of Nursing and Midwifery’s distance learning module ‘Challenges of diabetes mellitus’. Outwith CMDN she also provides teaching on the College of Life Science’s ‘Active Living’ module and BSc in Sports Biomedicine.

At post-graduate level she supervises both MSc and PhD students and is the Advanced Diabetes Nutrition module co-lead on the Kuwait-Scotland eHealth Innovation Network Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma / MSc in Diabetes Care and Education. She is also working with the School of Nursing to develop distance learning nutrition teaching within the Masters in Global Health and Wellbeing.


Publications since 2009

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