Andrew Evans

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Professor of Breast Imaging


Andy Evans is a graduate of Birmingham Medical School and after gaining his MRCP trained in Diagnostic Radiology in Nottingham gaining the FRCR. He became a consultant radiologist with a special interest in breast imaging in 1992. He was appointed director of the Nottingham International Breast Education Centre in 2006.

In 2009 Andy moved to Dundee to become professor of breast imaging. He is the author of over 130 peer reviewed papers, 4 books and 14 book chapters. He is the current chairman of the British Society of Breast Radiology. Andy plays the French horn and is a successful composer of classical music.


Professor Evans' main current breast research interests are shear wave elastography of the breast, digital breast tomosynthesis, breast screening and biopsy of axillary lymph nodes in breast cancer patients.

Shear wave elastography

His team’s work has focussed on using shearwave elastography to aid the US differentiation of benign and malignant breast masses and reducing the need for needle biopsy of benign masses. Recently he has established that breast cancers which show the most marked peritumoural stiffness are more likely to be resistant to chemotherapy and have lymph node metastases. Currently he is assessing the future role of 3D shearwave elastography in predicting breast cancer behaviour.


He is currently leading a study assessing the value of tomosynthesis in younger women with symptoms suggestive of breast cancer to see if tomosynthesis can improve the detection and local staging of cancer in women under 60 yrs of age.

A study assessing the utility of tomosynthesis at screening assessment is in set up.

Sentinel node identification and biopsy

He has recently completed a study evaluating percutaneous sentinel node identification using dual ultrasound and gamma probe scanning. He has recently began a pilot study of percutaneous vacuum removal of the sentinel node using dual scanning.

Future work

Using recent grant awards from the EPSRC, the EU and Breast Cancer Breakthrough he is currently working with a team on using multimodal imaging and novel immuno-histochemical markers to predict prognosis, metastasis and responsiveness to systemic therapy.

Multimodal personalised screening

Andy works with a team in Dundee to develop multimodal risk models for breast cancer screening which in the future should allow personalised screening decision making and screening protocols.

PhD supervision

Katrin Skerl: April 2013 to present. Evaluation of tissue elasticity characteristics including anisotropy in different types of malignant, benign and normal tissues.

Group members

  • Dr. Kulsam Ali
  • Katrin Skerl
  • Dr. Renaud Morin
  • Dr. Violet R Warwick
  • Ms. Patsy Whelehan

Lectures and conferences

European Congress of Radiology 2012 Breast screening

ASCO Breast, Washington USA June 2010 Breast Screening

Chairmanship of international meetings Chairman of the Symposium Mammographicum meeting in Lille in 2008.


I hold weekly radiology tutorials for radiology junior staff.

I have been the external examiner for the University of the West Indies post graduate radiological exams.

I was director of the Nottingham Breast Education Centre in 2006-2009. The centre is the most active breast education centre in the UK.