13 Dec 2018

Prestigious behavioural medicine role for Professor Annie Anderson

Annie Anderson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition at the University of Dundee, has been elected President of the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (UKSBM). Professor Anderson officially took up the role at the UKSBM’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Birmingham on 12-13 December. The election reflects her position as one of the UK’s foremost authorities in behavioural medicine, an interdisciplinary field that draws together experts in psychology, social science, behavioural science, public health and medicine. The Society acts as a forum for presenting research on both public health polic...

28 Nov 2018

Funding award for School project to develop new male contraceptive

The quest of researchers at the University of Dundee to develop a new male contraceptive has been boosted with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Researchers say the $900,000-plus award will enable significant progress to be made over the next two years in the discovery and development of the first safe and effective male contraceptive drug. The University of Dundee is uniquely positioned to pursue this project. It combines the internationally recognised expertise in male fertility research in the School of Medicine with world-class robotic high-throughput imaging facilities at...

21 Nov 2018

Antioxidants may prevent cognitive impairment in diabetes

Antioxidants could help to reduce the cognitive impairment that diabetes patients experience as a result of low blood sugar levels, according to new research carried out at the University of Dundee. Repeated episodes of low blood sugar leads to cognitive difficulty for patients with diabetes but the study, led by Dr Alison McNeilly from the University’s School of Medicine, suggests that stimulating antioxidant defences in mice reduces these impairments. This raises the possibility of one day being able to improve the quality of life of diabetics. Dr McNeilly will present her research at the Society f...

20 Nov 2018

School paper published in Japan Journal of Medicine

A paper written by Peter Davey, Evie Fioratou, Vicki Tully and Natalie Lafferty has been published in the Japan Journal of Medicine. The paper, titled Medical Education for Healthcare improvement, recommends service-learning, where students are embedded in an inter-professional learning cohort with both academic clinical mentoring. By making service-learning a “signature pedagogy” for acquiring the habits of an improver, the paper suggests that students and doctors in training could improve the delivery of healthcare services. Read the paper here: uod.ac.uk/081118 Want to know more? Here is som...

School paper published in Japan Journal of Medicine

13 Nov 2018

Concussion study calls for mandatory head protection in rugby

Rugby players can almost halve the force transferred to their head during an impact by wearing protective headgear, a study by the School of Medicine has revealed. A team from the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) has called for the wearing of headguards to become mandatory at all levels of the game after finding that some mainstream products mitigated impact levels on the head by up to 47%. The findings, published by the BMJ, found that even the least effective device tested could make a significant difference in preventing head injuries, such as concussion. Professor Rami ...

Concussion study calls for mandatory head protection in rugby