Studying Populations is a computer assisted learning package for epidemiological methods. Epilex is a Multilingual Lexicon of Epidemiological Terms.

Studying Populations is free to all individual and institutional users

Studying Populations is a computer assisted learning package for epidemiological methods. It is suitable for anyone working in health sciences including medical students, Masters students, public health practitioners and clinicians. It covers many basic epidemiological concepts in a set of over 80 interactive exercises and simulations.

  • The package includes a glossary based on definitions in the IEA sponsored 6th edition (2014) of the Dictionary of Epidemiology.
  • Used in 80 countries around the world.
  • Endorsed by the Council of the International Epidemiological Association.
  • An educational resource recommended by the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom.



Learn by doing. With Studying Populations you can explore population pyramids, life tables, simple graphical analysis, good table construction, questionnaire design, screening test parameters, and much more.


Use your time more productively by letting your students explore basic epidemiological methods and concepts at their own pace and in their own way. Tailor the program to suit your own courses.

The package

We developed the package over 5 years, through collaboration between epidemiologists in the Universities of Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow, Scotland. We designed it to help our medical and Masters students understand methodological aspects not easily conveyed by the written word.

The contents cover aspects of demography, study design, questionnaire design, data presentation, data analysis, sampling, probability and inference, and theory and methods for population screening. There are commentaries on the concepts illustrated by many of the exercises. Multiple choice questions and a glossary based on the Dictionary of Epidemiology are included.

This software consists of two parts. The first - Studying Populations - is a suite of programs of instructional material. The second is a toolkit for teachers to modify and expand Studying Populations for local use. Comprehensive manuals for using and modifying the software are included. You can read more about the package in a lecture on the Supercourse site. 


Epilex is a Multilingual Lexicon of Epidemiological Terms. You may pair any two languages in the alphabetic order of either one. You may print the pairings most useful to you, allowing the building of personalized lexicons.

Epilex will run on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit versions).

If you wish to contribute translations in a language not already included, get in touch with me

These programs are free for use by individuals and institutions. From time to time they may be brought up to date if there is a request to do so.