Behavioural Neuroscience

The Behavioural Neuroscience Core Facility offers a range of rodent behavioural testing services, and can provide facilities and training for researchers who wish to conduct experiments themselves within the core facility.

Biomarker and Drug Analysis

Harnessing the power of biomarker and drug analysis for clinical research and drug development.

Clinical Research Imaging Facility (CRIF)

The Clinical Research Centre contains a dedicated clinical imaging suite providing state-of-the-art facilities, with a dedicated professional infrastructure to facilitate high-quality clinical research and experimental medicine.

Dundee Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (DEBU)

DEBU is a group of biostatisticians and epidemiologists led by Professor Peter Donnan and includes biostatisticians from across medicine, dentistry, and nursing.

Flow Cytometry

This core facility supports and promotes the use of flow cytometry in a wide variety of applications. We offer multiuser benchtop flow cytometers and a cell sorting service.

Health Informatics Centre

HIC Services supports high impact research through the collection and management of population based data.

Immunoassay Biomarker Core Laboratory

This facility handles, processes and analyses blood samples for biomarkers using various immunoassay techniques. This includes radio-immunoassay (RIA), enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) and multiplex assays (Luminex Bio-plex 200 platform and Meso Scale Discovery Quickplex SQ120).

Light Microscopy Facility

Light Microscopy is a widely used tool to visualise and quantify cellular behaviour and structure. The light microscopy facility offers a range of light microscope systems, each one with different capabilities so that a range techniques can be employed.

Tayside Biorepository

A secure bio-repository that collects samples of surplus tissue and other specimens donated by consenting patients who have undergone surgery or other medical procedure during the course of their investigations and treatment.

Tayside Bioresource

The Tayside Bioresource is a portfolio of individual studies that have been recruiting participants from Tayside to genetic research since 1997.

Tayside Centre for Genomic Analysis

The Genetics Core Services Unit provides genetic analysis services including DNA Sequencing, Fragment Analysis, Real Time PCR and DNA/RNA/Protein Analysis.

Tayside Clinical Trials Unit (TCTU)

Tayside Clinical Trials Unit (TCTU) is a fully registered UKCRC trials unit working with investigators and clinicians to design and deliver high quality clinical research.