Masters Showcase 2020

Product Design

Work on display: Product Design

International industry connections, world class teaching and research collaboration open up a world of opportunities in creative technology. We work with our students to develop design responses where digital technologies are changing the way we live our lives and work with creative technologies through playful thinking and making.

Fraser Bruce
Programme Director

Pengyu Fu

Food waste can be seen everywhere in our lives. It may be an unfinished dinner or expired food in the refrigerator....

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Rebekah Henderson

The safety of students and staff on campus is of the utmost importance. On-campus, however, it can be difficult to...

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Alicia Hu

Over the past few decades, our behaviors, thoughts and lifestyles have been revolutionised by technology. From a...

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Hao Liu

The camera function of the smartphone is becoming increasingly powerful. Through the optimization of artificial...

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Jason McKenna

Tether is an assistive technology aimed to allow visually impaired (VI) runners to run safely, freely and...

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Xiaofei Pan

Disinfectant and bacterial gel can be seen everywhere in supermarkets, but have people considered whether the...

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Yuhui is a product design major. She hopes that after one year's postgraduate study in Dundee University, she can...

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Xinyue Zhang

According to WHO, there are currently more than 200 million stray animals worldwide. Among them, the number of...

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Yi Zhang

In the context of global ageing, loneliness is a growing social condition.The concept of supporting and caring for...

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Yuhan Zheng

Studies have shown that older British people watch TV for an average of 5 hours and 18 minutes a day. Too much time...

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The programme has established a world-class reputation across industry, research and teaching. We have strong connections to the UK and global design economy and our tutors are collaborating on research and industrial projects with global design consultancies.

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