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During my Master in Comics and Graphic Novels, I had the opportunity to learn a variety of things about comics both at a theoretical and practical level. Moreover, I am grateful for making two projects for DC Thomson, as I found out the way that comic industry works. The feedback that I received helped me to improve my skills both in storytelling and in the layout of a comic page. Now, as I have acquired this knowledge, I feel more confident and ready to start working as a comic artist... fingers crossed.

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1. My participation in the exhibition ''Chania and...'' entitled "Chania and Comic Heroes" hosted by Chaniartoon - International Comic & Animation Festival 2020, in Crete, Greece

2. Fanart

3. Artworks during Inctober

4. My participation in the exhibition ''Against Social Exclusion'' hosted by SmassFest 2019 in Athens, Greece

5. Illustration ''Fly Away''

6. A page of my new upcoming comic entitled ''This is Not a Road Trip''

7. One- page comic entitled ''Escape''

8. A page of one of my comics entitled ''The Game Over''

9. Illustration ''Salazar, King of Hell''

10. A page of my new upcoming comic entitled ''This is Not a Road Trip'', only inking

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