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"What A Great Time To Make A Webcomic" is, funnily enough, a webcomic about not making webcomics. Based on semi-autobiographical experience, it follows the main character, Be-an, as they find themselves stuck whilst visiting friends at the beginning of Lockdown. Lost in life, like the rest of the world, they decide to use this new "free time" to make a webcomic but, quickly become swept up in the delusions of grandeur without putting in the actual work. Following life at the start of the pandemic, productivity, self-worth and the lies we tell ourselves to get through it all.
Steven Affleck is a Scottish illustrator with a penchant for American culture, heavily influenced by American Indie comics and Film. Their work explores queerness, politics and pop culture without ever taking itself too seriously. Previously mainly working within editorial illustration they are now branching out into comics and longer format storytelling.

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Here are a collection of images from my thesis comic which is done with the intention of developing the project into a webcomic. The story revolves around semi-autobiographical experiences of being stuck in lockdown and trying to find a sense of self-worth through productivity. The idea came about as in lockdown whilst trying to work on my thesis I had high hopes for the sudden new "free time" yet I found myself deeply unmotivated. Like most, I feel I had big visions of what I could achieve with my time but instead found myself doing very little at all.

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