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The Gorgon is a subversive retelling of the story of Medusa from a modern perspective examining trauma and metamorphosis. The Gorgon incorporates my deep love and fascination of mythology with its intrinsic ability to evolve and revitalise itself for new social contexts. Mythological narratives draw on the folkloric tradition of retelling stories and consequently, are perfectly placed to question archaic ideologies whilst being permeable to new contexts and perspectives. Essentially, the comic aims to take the iconic pervasive elements of the mythology and reimagine them within the context of a modern perspective looking back on an archaic time and narrative framework that is continually replicated and perpetuated.

In retelling the story of Medusa, I wanted to address the horror and misogyny of a narrative that glorifies terrorising a woman, who is a victim of sexual assault, because of her changed state as a ‘fallen women,’ typically depicted as something monstrous to be defeated rather than empathised with and healed. The Greek concept of metamorphosis is particularly relevant to the concepts of sexual trauma and victim’s self-visualisation and understanding of themselves. What results for Medusa is not just a symbolic metamorphosis into the monstrous woman; but a physical one which precipitates the continued cyclical narrative of her trauma as society continually seeks to harm and destroy her for her terrifying appearance that they have shaped.

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The Gorgon: Images 1 to 7 Comic exploring recycled mythologies and the effects of trauma.

Adrift: Images 8 to 9 Comic series using sci-fi and horror elements to explore perspectives and articulations of anxiety.

Bananaman: Image 10 Project working in conjunction with the Beano team at DC Thompson to create a 2-page comic based on classic characters from a script by Ned Hartley.

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Original artwork, pages and limited-edition lino and etched prints are available for sale. Please contact me with any enquiries via my website, social media, or email at:

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