Masters Showcase 2020

Comics & Graphic Novels

Work on display:Comics & Graphic Novels

Our masters in Comics and Graphic Novels is the only course of its kind in the UK. This course provides our students an understanding of the comics medium and the comics industry, whilst also allowing them to practice creating comics from script writing to thumbnails, pencils, inks, lettering, colouring and production methods.

Phillip Vaughan
Programme Director

Steven Affleck

"What A Great Time To Make A Webcomic" is, funnily enough, a webcomic about not making webcomics. Based on...

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Maria Claudia Corrales

In South America, when the “Inca Empire” was colonized by the Spanish, they were in constant war and there was...

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Tori Hage

The demand to move online has changed comics creators' approach to the increased variety of their field of work....

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Nick Johnson

Comics have always been my favourite medium, combining the visual and lyrical to convey relatable stories in any...

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Hansel Natanahel Salas Rojas

I like how simple shapes can be used to tell more complex stories. The contrast between simple and complex is one...

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Mhairi Ross

It began in 2013, with me bored, lonely and 19. I made people to keep me company. I listened to far too much music...

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Rebecca Elise Smith

The Gorgon is a subversive retelling of the story of Medusa from a modern perspective examining trauma and...

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Vivian Terzopoulou

During my Master in Comics and Graphic Novels, I had the opportunity to learn a variety of things about comics both...

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Our Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels is the only course of its kind in the UK, and Dundee is one of only a handful of institutions in the world offering the opportunity to study comics at postgraduate level.

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