Masters Showcase 2020

Animation & VFX

Work on display: Animation & VFX

Built upon current industry studio practices, our course trains the next generation of animation professionals, with a blend of creative and technical visual storytelling. Our students develop visual practice and reflect on their own creative journey in our high-class facilities including a state-of-the-art green screen production studio.

Phillip Vaughan
Programme Director

Karly Clair

This project represents my research over the year focusing on my two passions: environment and creature design. The...

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Jiarui Liu

This short film is inspired by the marbles. The story is about a man who enters the marble and finds his buried...

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Mike Middleton

My short film focuses on a female trapped in a robotic shell. The film was designed to focus on and showcase my 3D...

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Amaliana Panagiotou

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move, but the art of movements that are drawn.”

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Zhiyu Qiu

Video calls are a very common communication tool in human daily life. It gives people the opportunity to meet...

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Michael Sloan

I like to make things move.

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Patrick Sloan

I enjoy creating unique characters with different personalities and Bringing them to life through Animation.

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Mary Tirchinli

From the originality of Fine Arts, the creativity of graphic design and the dynamic of photography, I was always...

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Kang Wang

‘Dream in Wonderland’ is an animated short film mainly produced by Maya. I want to use this short film to...

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Built upon current industry studio practices, our course will train you as an animation professional. Develop specialist skills and express your creative vision.

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