Masters Show 2019

Product Design

Work on display: Product Design

Jena Affleck

I have produced an interactive installation for the public space at Infusion coffee shop at Dundee Science Centre....

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Chris Cameron

“From vacuums to vibrators: why spies are everywhere in our smart homes.” – Arwa Mahdawi, The Guardian,...

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Finlay Clark

Brick by Brick is a series of physical artifacts which highlights the contrast between how a single nation’s...

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Janine Getty

Bringing both my Time Based Art and Product Design practices together, my project asks how we have told stories in...

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Sean Gooravin

In 2017, Cambridge Analytica used psychological evaluations in hand with your online behaviours to potentially...

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The office is a place where working people spend most of their time in, and in a way office workers are becoming...

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Rafe Johnson

I have created a speculative design that aims to explore and promote conversation around the future of human body...

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Jonathan MacLean

Touted as being the technology which the fourth industrial revolution could be built on, blockchain is surprisingly...

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Jiaxin Pan

A small battery can pollute 600,000 litres of water after being disposed of in nature, equivalent to the amount of...

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Jinali Parekh

Once known as a symbol for power and strength, today mobility aids come with a stigma, a weakness. Those aids that...

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Ana Ranceva

Smells like blue? No, it tastes like 29.

Synaesthesia is a neurological condition experienced by very...

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Dustper is a private bin. There are two versions with slight differences. Dustper 1 has five parts, it is a press...

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Andrew Shearer

Bringing together my own passions for photography, design and exploration, I've designed and prototyped a mobile...

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Candice Swanepoel

Most people experience levels of anxiety from time to time. In many situations, feeling anxious is perfectly...

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How will one-click shopping, one-day delivery, instant download, and streamable everything affect how we design,...

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