MSc Medical Art

Renske Hoste

My interactive 3D model of the spine bridges the gap between 2D medical illustrations and the three-dimensional human body and helps students visualise 3D anatomy when mastering Lumbar Puncture. This model has been created in collaboration with the Clinical Skills Teaching Centre and the Scottish National Mastery Learning Group. It will be used to enhance the pre-course material for junior doctors learning the procedure of Lumbar Puncture. This procedure requires for a doctor to pass a needle into the back, through all layers around the spine and into the space around the spinal cord, where Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) can be found and extracted. Previously, students prepared to master this procedure using text and 2D illustrations prior to starting a simulation-based task trainer phase. However, these illustrations fail to properly convey the 3D aspects of the human body and the spine, which in turn might pose difficulties for students trying to master this procedure. The model and its supporting illustrations have been created as an addition to the current pre-course material. Its aim is to aid 3D visualisation and, consequently, the learning and performing of Lumbar Puncture. At the Master's exhibition, you can play around with the model yourself (either digitally or 3D printed!) and experience how junior doctors actually learn this procedure. I hope to see you there!

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