Masters Show 2019

Medical Art

Work on display: Medical Art

Lucy Aly

The human head and neck are one if the most complex structures in the human body. The image depicts my studies...

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Clarissa Charles

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a group of rare skin blistering conditions which affects around 500,000 people...

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Stacy DiCenso

The neurochemistry of emotion is a fascinating and complex subject. This project focuses on happiness and the...

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Amie Fernandez

This project involves exploring transparency and its use in visualising the internal anatomy of the heart. Using...

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Catriona Gibb

Variation of form is seen abundantly in nature and human anatomy is no exception to this. The collection of...

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Renske Hoste

My interactive 3D model of the spine bridges the gap between 2D medical illustrations and the three-dimensional...

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Aimee Hutchinson

Endometriosis is the second most common gynaecological disease with approximately 176 million affected by it...

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Nicholas Ilic

In recent memory, there is an increasing number of transgender people in society. Whether this is linked to a...

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Karli Mogen

With this series of work, I am matching various heart conditions to common phrases and sayings and illustrating...

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Laura Ould

In collaboration with clinical staff at Dundee Dental School, an illustrative guide was created to help students...

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Claire Schneider

An analytical study of the pros and cons of using 2D versus 3D visual aids in a court of law. For this specific...

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Angela Yeung

Humanity is innately interested in the unknown. That is why science is always a very intriguing subject to me....

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Medical art encompasses a wide range of applications from patient communication and information to medical teaching and training.

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