MSc Forensic Art

Danielle Elizabeth Adair

Maxillofacial prosthesis is the combination of art and science to create a prosthetic that replaces a missing part of the face to restore a patient’s more natural appearance. The advancements in silicones, colouring techniques, photo-imaging and 3D printing has aided maxillofacial prosthetics to become almost identical looking to that of the body part or facial feature that is missing from the patient whether that be an ear, nose or eye lost due to disease or trauma. This research focuses on the orbital prosthesis, because unlike any other facial feature that can be replaced with prosthetics, the illusion of the orbital prosthesis fails when the healthy eye moves, and the prosthetic eye is static. This research aims to investigate how technology advancements could in future allow for an orbital prosthesis to be synchronised to the natural movements of the patient’s healthy eye.

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MSc Forensic Art

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