Masters Show 2019

Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Work on display: Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Danielle Elizabeth Adair

Maxillofacial prosthesis is the combination of art and science to create a prosthetic that replaces a missing part...

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Laura Ansty

Composite artwork is a branch of forensic art. Any composite artwork acts as an aid to any criminal investigation...

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Laurie Cook

This thesis focuses on the 3D reconstruction of an archaeological case given to me by Ruth Pollitt from the...

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Karen Fleming

I was presented with a skull from The University of Edinburgh with the following information; Skull, female,...

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Liselotte Hartkamp

This is a facial reconstruction of a skull found in Lundin Links. The skull dates back to the pichtish time and is...

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Rachel McGarvey

My final exhibition piece is an archaeological facial reconstruction of Archie Flockhart. Archie was a well known...

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Pearl Mamathuba

My work explores similarities between target images and facial composites, accessed based on persons observation of...

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Lucrezia Rodella

An Artificial Age Progression is a prediction of the appearence of a person after she or he goes missing for a long...

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Forensic Art is the presentation of visual information in relation to legal procedures. Forensic artists aid in the identification or location of victims of crime, missing persons or human remains.

Masters Show at University of Dundee