Masters Show 2019

Design for Business

Work on display: Design for Business

Robbie Beautyman

Foresight Interactions produce accessible installations for buildings to make navigation inside them easier for all...

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Debalina Bera

Silenced? Need a safe space to be heard? Welcome to The Welcome Tent! Tell stories, connect over food, music,...

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Evan Dowling

My exhibition piece will reflect my journey through the Design for Business Masters course. Highlighting what I've...

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Kristi Herd

My project, Co-creating a Platform to Facilitate an Online Learning Community area for the Master of Education...

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Ann Napier

Workforce demographics have seen a major shift in recent times due to the rise of Generation Z, the emerging adult...

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Janine Wilson

In organisations today change is the only constant. The problem with great ideas for innovative change, especially...

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Design has a transformative effect on the world around us. This impact cuts across culture, business, the environment and the economy. The MSc Design for Business will give you an understanding of this impact and how you can shape it.

Masters Show at University of Dundee